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A Follow-up Note of Thanks & N. FLA. MS150 Ride Report(1 post)

A Follow-up Note of Thanks & N. FLA. MS150 Ride Reportheckman
Sep 22, 2003 7:38 AM
Earlier this year, I posted a question about leading group rides in preparation for our annual MS150 and got some great responses. See the link below for the post.

heckman "Leading my first group ride. Suggestions appreciated" 2/26/03 6:44am

I'd like to thank the folks who offered their thoughts, as they helped to make our training go well thru the spring and summer, and made the team's ride a smooth one the past 2 days.

The ride itself goes from the World Golf Village, St. Augustine, to Daytona Beach, with around 2200 riders. Weather was good (mid-80's both days) and the ride support was absolutely the best. Well-stocked rest stops, friendly
volunteers, and an overall festive atmosphere.

The team (Team Acuvue, from the contact lenses) had 27 riders, most of whom had done at least some of the training rides.

Due to a commitment on Saturday morning (soccer coach for my son's team of 6 year olds), I was unable to ride with
the rest of the team, so I joined the ride about midway thru Saturday afternoon and rode in with a number of the later finishers at an easy pace.

I was not able to make the start with the rest of the team on Sunday due to a bit of stomach flu, so I started about an hour later and rode about 73 of the 80 miles solo. It was a pretty good training ride for me, and I was able to finish in 4:23 for an 18.2 mph average. The team rode together again, and finished with no problems.

The team rode well together, starting and finishing both days as a group, and I received several comments from folks not on the team about how good the team rode, following good etiquette, using hand signals, and communicating well together.

Again, I'd like to thank the folks who responded to my earlier post, because we were able to incorporate their
suggestions into our training and make the ride a successful one. Thank you again!