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Suggestions for riding in Tahoe(8 posts)

Suggestions for riding in Tahoedawgcatchr
Sep 21, 2003 10:59 PM
I will be camping in Tahoe for a week starting Wednesday (a much-needed vacation). I will be mostly riding my bikes (road and mountain, mostly road) and doing some bouldering. I would like some advice on good rides in the area (I will be staying at Sugar Pine State Park, near Homewood, west side of Tahoe).

Obviously I know about riding around the lake, but what about some other rides? I would like to get in a mixture of climbing days and rolling/flat days. My normal rides are about 40-70 miles, but could go longer. I don't mind driving to start a ride if necessary. Out and back is okay, as are loops. Any suggestions for a map/local shop with advice? Thanks for your help!
There's a century this Saturday...LactateIntolerant
Sep 22, 2003 5:35 AM
...that starts/finishes at Squaw Valley (not far from Homewood). I don't know much about the route, but there's more info at:
Riding Tahoe.......rwbadley
Sep 22, 2003 6:20 AM
Lot's of great riding there. The only relatively flat ride is around the lake. I think it's 74 miles and (something like) 4000 ft elevation gain. You're riding at 6250+ ft, so expect to feel a little more winded than usual.
From Homewood you can do a flat ride of north around lake, turning around at Cave Rock then back.

A nice ride I've been meaning to do is some flats from Genoa south then up Monitor Pass and Ebbets. Another real good one is the VC loop. Let me know if you'd like to get together, we'll see what we can arrange. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday might be good days if the weather cooperates.
ooops, my brain fart....rwbadley
Sep 22, 2003 11:53 AM
Around the lake won't be 4000 ft climbing, I threw in the pass on 89 to Truckee and back. It should be more like 2800 or so. The only real climbs are around Emerald Bay and up to Spooner pass. A few rollers thrown in.

Also, if you want a flat route you may want to skip going as far as Cave rock, going over Spooner is a hill of maybe 900 feet gain, its not real steep tho.

If you wanted a guide for a nice ride, Friday would be good for me. It looks like Sat and Sun are off.
Got a mtn bike?pmf1
Sep 22, 2003 10:03 AM
I was out there a few years ago at a meeting and stayed an extra day. I had wanted to find a road bike and ride around the lake, but there wasn't a rental place that had any. There were mountian bike rentals galore and I eventually broke down and a double suspended mtn bike and road the Flume train. Its a hard climb up to the rim, then a nice trail along the edge of the rim, then back down on a fire road. I'm not an avid mtn biker, but I enjoyed doing this. Very nice views.

Riding the road strikes me as a bit dangerous because there are a lot of drivers paying too much attention to the scenery and not enough to the road was my impression.
Dittopeter in NVA
Sep 22, 2003 2:01 PM
Road the Flume trail several years ago...very spectacular. I think you look down about 1000 feet to the lake. Sandy in spots and some exposure. Tried riding on the road 15 years ago and the traffic was bad...must be much worse now.
Sugar Pine. Nice spot..Brooks
Sep 22, 2003 2:21 PM
We have a cabin just south in Meeks Bay. The ride around the lake is ok this time of year with reduced traffic. I always go counter-clockwise, to stay on the inside of the road away from the lake and to have the flatter finish coming in from Tahoe City. My favorite ride is to Tahoe City, down to Truckee, go under I-80, and turn left on the old Donner Pass Road. This takes you by Donner Lake, up the Pass (about 0.5 hour climb) and then out to Norden and I-80 again. After crossing over 80, go left (west) to Cisco Grove. It's downhill along the Yuba River and the road ends at Cisco Grove. Turnaround and come home. About 85 miles roundtrip from Homewood.

Another loop is past Tahoe City to Kings Bay and turn left for a nice climb up and over towards Truckee. Brain cramp makes me forget the name... By the way, I usually ride on the highway from Squaw Valley to Tahoe City due to the large numbers of folks on the MUT path along the Truckee during the summer. A nice path, though, and going upriver this time of year you will see a lot fewer people.

For a nice, short, hillclimb, go up Blackwood Canyon to Barker Pass. It is a few miles north of Homewood. About 25 miles roundtrip, 3-4 miles of steeps.

There's a bike shop adjacent to the Homewood ski area (north edge) that is mostly mtn bikes. Another one in Sunnyside. Best road bike shop on the west is in Tahoe City, I think it's called Century bicycles. North of the TC "Y" along the lake side of the road. Kind of tuck into the shops.

Have fun, stay warm.
re: Suggestions for riding in Tahoejekakestrel
Sep 23, 2003 2:59 AM
Take 89 north into Tahoe City. After you cross the Truckee River, 89 turns left out to Truckee. Turn right on River Rd. Another right turn when River Rd. crosses Brockway Rd.

This will then take you over Brockway grade, a nice climb and even nicer decent down into Kings Beach. Turn right at the highway and you're headed back to Sugar Pine. My guess is 50 miles or so, perhaps a bit longer. Good fast flats out to Truckee, nice scenery all around. Have fun!