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San Marco Aspide: Like it? Or not???(7 posts)

San Marco Aspide: Like it? Or not???BigFatSal
Sep 21, 2003 6:26 PM
Recently got an SLR and frankly it's a pain in the ass..... pun intended. Seriously, I've tried breaking it in but instead it's been breaking me in.

A friend swears by the Aspide saddle for MTB and road riding.

There's no reviews on this saddle in the review pages. Any comments from Aspide users would be greatly appreciated. I realize saddle selection is a personal thing but would still like to see some comments..... Thanks.
I love ..errrr ... need it (was -> re: San Marco Aspide.....)scopestuff2
Sep 21, 2003 8:25 PM
I've tried a whole boat load of saddles recently. Had real trouble with going numb. The San Marco Aspide is the only saddle I've found that doesn't cause me to go numb. In that regard I absolutely love the saddle. I can deal with a saddle that get's a bit uncomfortable. I can't deal with the numbness.

The problem with the Aspide Arrow head for me is that after 30+ miles I start to feel how hard it is. I've only put about 150 miles on it though, so I may find that it stays comfortable longer the more I use it.
I love ..errrr ... need it (was -> re: San Marco Aspide.....)DL Lawrence
Sep 22, 2003 3:55 AM
Ditto that. I took my first ride yesterday on my new Aspide Arrowhead. After about 25 miles, exactly as you said, I began to feel how hard it was. No numbness at all, but uncomfortable nonetheless. I can't imagine that it would get better with more miles. I think I'll try a Selle Italia Trans Am Gel next. The search continues.
Love it. But, it was my LBS' choice and it just has worked out,BrianNYC
Sep 22, 2003 6:01 AM
I did not test another saddle, and I have no need to now.
Good saddle ...HouseMoney
Sep 22, 2003 8:19 AM
but I'm not quite ready to classify it as great yet. I only have about 150 miles on my Aspide (5± rides). I like the narrow profile. I got some serious numbness on Saturday's ride but that was because earlier in the week I switched seatposts and the saddle angle wasn't quite right. I tweaked it a little and yesterday I had no numbness whatsoever. It's gettin' there ...
re: San Marco Aspide: Like it? Or not???12x23
Sep 22, 2003 3:00 PM
I experimented with and liked the Aspide ok except the pressure point, edge, whatever, matched the stitching in the seam of the chamois in my Voler shorts exactly. The shape of the saddle was fine for me, I just didn't want to ditch all my shorts. I've swapped back to SLR's.
Had one, hated itDMoore
Sep 22, 2003 4:08 PM
Actually, the saddle itself wasn't too bad. A little firmer than a San Marco ERA or Concor lite, but still manageable.

However. The damned stitching on the saddle appeared to exactly coincide with the stitching on the Pearl Izumi shorts of which I have several pair. The shorts, in turn, very quickly wore a hole in my skin in a very painful and delicate location.

After two rides on that saddle, I gave up and sold it. I replaced it with a Flite TT. It's almost as light, and has NO STITCHING on it. For me at least, it was a vast improvement.

So I'm afraid I have to give the Aspide a thumbs down. Without the stitching it'd be OK, but I haven't seen any that come that way.