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Paging Carbon 110, big gear training follow-up(3 posts)

Paging Carbon 110, big gear training follow-upmainframe
Sep 21, 2003 6:42 AM
I've utimately decided to insert your 53/12 intervals into my (twice weekly) combination workout. This consists of a strength circuit routine immediately followed by a shortened (20 mile)ride. Just this morning, I did this routine and during the ride did the prescribed two 15 min (5 mile) intervals in the 53/12 maintaining 57 to 60 rpms. It kind of makes the ride portion an extension of the strength routine. Its a nice idea!
Mid week, I tried a ride which included one 33 min interval but it proved alittle over the edge as the next day it was "rubber leg city". Again, I'm glad you mentioned the idea.
Sep 21, 2003 8:28 AM
Good to know your keeping it in your program. I think the benefits will pay off in every area. You will actually notice you are stronger in time. You will start pushing bigger gears and higher cadence. Especially if you moderate your efforts on days preceeding the workout and the following day. If you dont feel well skip the workout, erst is equally beneficial
Also, remember to use shorter intervals after your transitional period and build them up slowly again. Try to keep the cadence low and if you find you are spinning more then 54 rpms do it on a slight uphill or with a 11-23. If you find your HR and intesity starts going up then shorten the interval.
This really strengthens your muscles but it breaks them down first so apporpriate recovery is key to gaining as much strength as possible. If your doing cyclocross this winter only do the interval once a week or skip it and when you start up your weight phase only do it once a week with short 6-10 minute intervals on days you dont lift.
If you do your intervals at the start of your ride after your warmed up, then spin the rest of your ride. Dont go hammer hills or anything. Its a pretty tough workout for your body and if it doesnt feel like it is, that means your growing stronger but not necessarily you should increase the interval. Dont exhaust yourself. Its a fine balance but using perceived effort and being careful to watch your HR and how your feeling this workout is like going to the gym.

How I run my week:
winter/fall program

Tues:2-3 hours rolling (spiinning light effort)and go to gym

Wed.4+hours easy with 2x 6-10 minute Force intervals

Thurs:2-2 1/2hours easy+gym

Fri:1-2 hours light

Sat.3 hours rolling (2x 6 minute force interval on a small hill low HR) rolling and spinning light rest of time

Sund:4-6hours easy easy easy with a few big hills at low HR

Keep intesity really low. Effort is everything. I will never make it through the week feeling good if I dont keep my effort light 70-80% of my rides. I will of course build up to these kinda weeks after my transitional period starting next week. For the next month or so I will do about 2/3 of the hours above then I bust into full winter training. Sleep makes a big deal and Low Stress :)

One last thing, never do an interval or go to the gym over riding your bike. nothing will benefit you more then just riding your bike. Intervals are good at the right time of the year with specific intesity but shouldnt take away from time on the horse. So, if doing an interval is going to tire you and shorten your ride, just go for an easy fun ride

Remember dont just train, train to kick azz next season!
Good luck Mainframe and stay in touch
re: Paging Carbon 110, big gear training follow-upt5rguy
Sep 21, 2003 10:09 AM
Ah, just like Francesco Moser, training in Mexico for the world hour record. Uphill, mind you, on the 12! But lower revs, if memory serves. 1984!!