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Trek v. Cannondale Bike Fit(3 posts)

Trek v. Cannondale Bike Fitwerdna
Sep 20, 2003 4:56 PM
I ride a 58cm (C-T) Cannondale and I have my saddle 19cms above the top of my top tube. (So from center of crank to top of saddle is 77cm). I have about 8cm of drop to the handlebars. The headtube is about 17cm and I have 4cm of headset+spaces. What is the length of the headtube on the 58cm Trek 5900 or Madone? This is a racing bike so I'd like a fairly agressive position. I was thinking a 58cm might work with spacers and a longish stem (120 or 130). Does this sound right? The only thing that concerns me is that Lance uses a 58 and he is at least 1" shorter than me (although we definitely have very different body dimensions).

re: Trek v. Cannondale Bike FitRusty Coggs
Sep 20, 2003 6:19 PM
Trek measures to the top of the extended seattube. A 58 trek 5200 has a 57mm TT. My CAAD4 is a 57 with a 56.75TT. I get essentially the same position on both with a 120 stem and lots of bar drop. 6" with a 35.25 bike inseam. I had a 58 caad3 and it just 'felt' alot bigger than the 58 trek, so I switched to a 57 Cdale.
simple comparison...C-40
Sep 21, 2003 5:04 AM
The Trek in a 58cm has a TT length that is only 3mm shorter than your current bike, so stem length would remain unchanged (since both have the same 73 seat tube angle).

Unfortunately, Trek does not list the head tube length on their geometry charts. If you have the saddle 19cm above the TT with only an 8cm drop to the bars, you must be using a significant amount of steering tube spacers or stem rise. This says that you 58cm C'dale is a small as you should ride.

In general, the Trek frames are acutally 2cm smaller than the same size c-t frame (like C'dale). The standover height on a 60cm Trek is virtually identical to your 58cm C'dale. The 60cm Trek should be the proper size. The TT is 7mm longer than you C'dale. A 5-10mm shorter stem (than you now use) would be needed.