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am I alone on this one?(12 posts)

am I alone on this one?lnin0
Sep 19, 2003 5:44 AM
Am I the only one that thinks it is a little more than annoying when you go on club rides and a handfull of guys feel the need to turn the entire thing into some wannabe race that they can go home and brag to their wives about?

I am not saying I am against hard riding or even a brisk pace but when everyone is scattered 100 yards apart on the road I am not seeing the point. Funny thing is the guys that race are rarely the guys causing this, usually it is the non-racers, some who even joined teams to buy jearseys to wear on club rides.
You are not alone - totally agreeinnergel
Sep 19, 2003 6:02 AM
I often try to get everyone to agree to a speed and distance prior to the ride starting, but there are always the inevitable few who want to drop the hammer on everyone. Just let them go and hang back with whoever would like to hang back.
What the big deal?eschelon
Sep 19, 2003 6:23 AM
If these "disruptors" string out the field, it's not their fault that everyone else falls for the bait and ends up making the group ride a un-organized race. Everyone in the group who don't want to be caught up in this craziness don't have to chase them down. But since this group ride that you participate in does chase them down, it is clearly obvious that just about everyone else wants to play the racing game too. But if communication lines are made known, I'm sure there are many in the group that would rather keep to a steady pace in an organized fashion...personally, I prefer the group ride that has about 8 guys than a group ride of 20 or more.
I like to call them Tues. night heroesMR_GRUMPY
Sep 19, 2003 6:24 AM
Most of thoes guys don't have the guts to mix it up on a Sunday. It might be that they are afraid of crashing, but I think that the real problem is that they are afraid of not winning. Their tiny egos couldn't take the strain of not being able to hammer guys their own age or ability.
Disagree, to each his ownbimini
Sep 19, 2003 6:40 AM
People ride for a lot of different reasons and at a lot of different abilities. I do a few club rides and usally behave myself and ride at the main groups pace. Sometimes I don't.

If it's a big ride it should be okay to break up into sub groups. I like to ride at a fast pace. So if a sub group heads out I'm going to go out with them. Nothing more fun than getting a good paceline going that works well together. Its as close to a team effort as cycling gets.

We usally wait at the stop points for the rest of the group to catch up and take a short break so we are not trying to ditch the rest of the group, we are simply having fun.

I race a little, most of the people in this subgroup don't, but we all enjoy doing the fast paceline, it's just another aspect of cycling.
Disagree, to each his ownfiltersweep
Sep 19, 2003 7:06 AM
What exactly IS the club and what drop policy does it have?

I really don't want to ride in a 20+ pack with some people on aerobars or people representing a wide cross-section of handling skills (regardless of fitness levels). I've seen a few nasty crashes on club rides- BTW...

I rarely see people scattered like the original poster describes- usually people end up in small packs that work together... besides, around here there is usually a stoplight or two to "equalize" things.

What annoys me is those guys who NEVER take a single pull, but maybe 1/8th of a mile from the ride finish they break into a complete sprint... it is actually more amusing than annoying.
One reason I don't mind riding by myself...biknben
Sep 19, 2003 7:20 AM
I don't often/never ride in groups of strangers unless it is an actual race.

This year 90% of my rides have had a purpose. If it was a hard ride, I was doing intervals at set points, at a certain pace, for a predetermined duration. That doesn't work in a group ride unless everyone wants to do
i my
workout too. If it is a recovery ride I want to stay away from circumstances that will make me go harder then I should.

Many of my fun rides consist of going out in some random direction, with a ride as you feel pace, and no schedule. That doesn't work with a group either. Everyone wants to know how far, how long, and how fast before commiting.

The remainder of my rides are masochistic climbing puke-fests. For some reason I never get any takers when I invite others on those rides. :-)
Why should that annoy you??spluti
Sep 19, 2003 7:21 AM
Let them go.
Seems like you would only be annoyed if you are tired of trying to keep up. So find a different ride. "Go home and brag to their wives"? That's a pretty narrow statment.
agreedThe Human G-Nome
Sep 19, 2003 7:38 AM
I don't understand why it bothers you. my normal saturday group is packed with riders of all abilities and inevitably splits up into smaller groups. if someone goes off the front, i don't feel obliged to chase them down and i still have plenty of people to ride with. i guess i would understand this more if i were always riding on the flats, but all my group does is climbs and it's pretty difficulut (impossible really) to stay at "everyone's" pace on a climb.
How is the club ride advertised?noveread
Sep 19, 2003 8:01 AM
Our club has two group rides each week. The first is advertised as moderately paced ride with a recreational slant. It's supposed to be a fun ride. It will go as fast as participants want, but it is not a hammer fest.

The second ride, however, is different entirely. It is advertised as a practice race. Anything and everything goes. Expect to hurt and for people to lay down searing attacks. This ride was last night, and I averaged 183bpm on my HR for the ride.

Talk to your club. See how the rides are advertised. If the structure of the ride doesn't exist, develop it.

Or find a new group that shares your opinions on what your ride should be.

Good Pointbimini
Sep 19, 2003 8:28 AM
The group I ride with usally lists its rides as A, B, C or G

They either have a G ride where everyone rides together (which I avoid like the plaugue, I just can't go that slow) or a ride with three different routes listed as C (advanced / 80 mi), B (moderate / 50 mi) or A (easy / 30 mile). All three routes go the first 20-30 miles together and then splinter off or continue onward. It is common that the big group starts breaking up after the first few miles, but we wait at the stops for the large group until it is time to splinter off.

The first 20 miles is a warm up and time to chat with each other then it's time to have fun.

PS: I don't take my aerobars and aero wheels to the group rides. Aerobars are for TT and aero wheels for races. However, there are quite a few aerobar, aerowheel, carbon fiber rocket bikes in the A group. I could never fiqure out why you need aero bars and wheels at an average speed of 14 MPH ;-)
re: am I alone on this one?My Dog Wally
Sep 19, 2003 8:14 AM
No, you're not alone. But it's a lot of worry over nothing. Everyone has their reasons for doing a club ride. Some people want to hang with a large group, some people just want motivation to get out and exercise, and others want to break out of the pack and form a fast, smaller group. All are perfectly valid reasons.

Here in Seattle, we have the Cascade Bike Club, the largest club in the country with well over 5,000 members. The rides are all rated according to pace, with a "Social" ride pacing at 12 - 14 mph. Before the ride, the ride leaders will hand out a map and mention that it's totally fine to go faster than that pace, but that, if you do, the club is unable to provide any support for you, should you get lost. I think that announcement is perfect. Those who want to go fast can go fast, and they understand the possible consequences. Those who want to hang with the group can do that. Those who fall behind get to spend the day with the sweep rider.

Finally, it's silly, embarrassing, and pointless to use this forum to apply amateur psychoanalysis to people you don't even know.