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Another Call for Kuota Experiences...(8 posts)

Another Call for Kuota Experiences...Akirasho
Sep 18, 2003 5:49 PM
... I'm close to buying a Kuota frame/fork for a winter's project... deciding 'tween a Ksano or Khan.

Anyone have any first or second (possibly third) hand experiences to pass on (I'm just looking for something different from the ubiquitous OCLV or TCR)?

Be the bike.
Sep 18, 2003 7:03 PM
I'd have to cast my vote for the Ksano. Personally, I find its aesthetics a bit more appealing.

In any case, via con Bobke amigo. I look forward to watching this masterpiece of yours come to life.

...yeah but...Akirasho
Sep 18, 2003 7:17 PM
... got this link from another forum (and forum member)... which features an integrated CF bar/stem... but also showed the Khan... gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...

Be the bike.
I really like the cable routing, butsn69
Sep 18, 2003 8:05 PM
the overall aesthetics of the bike still overwhelm me.

Here are three thoughts/options:
1. Carbon/chrome contrast study. Ksano/Khan frameset with 03 Chorus and some way silver Oddsnendos hoops.
2. Carbon/muted study. Ksano/Khan frameset with 04 Centaur in gray. Recommend annodized gray Velocity hoops, black spokes and red nipples. (Did I just say red nipple?)
3. All carbon geek-fest. I'd still defer to the Ksano. Personal preference.

My current winter project, incidentally, is a four-year-old Ibis spanky that's going to be built with as much Suntour as I can find. Once that's done, then perhaps a Ksano will be in order.

...yeah but...divve
Sep 18, 2003 8:16 PM
...will it still look okay with your setup? :)
re: Another Call for Kuota Experiences...koala
Sep 19, 2003 2:32 AM
The Ksano will look better with aerobars. Looks better than the new Trek offering. Let us know the details when its built. Smell the framesaver, Still on steel Dennis
re: Another Call for Kuota Experiences...thebadger
Sep 19, 2003 4:29 AM
I saw my first Kuota this summer at the TdF. We were walking to the stage start in Gap when I walked into this little bike shop and mounted on a little podium was a Kuota Khan. I had never heard of the bike before but thought it was terribly sexy with all of its bends and curves. Pretty awesome looking bike.
re: I know two people that ride themhudsonite
Sep 19, 2003 4:54 AM
A local bike store has two employees on the Kuota Khan. The detail and the finish are very nice. However, the appearance of the bike is not for everyone. I debated over the frame for a while and came to the conclusion that it would not be a long-term ride for me. But it really was a toss up between this frame and a few others I was looking at. I will say that these bikes stand out. In a bike shop that was full of high-end bikes, the Kuota was something you noticed right away.

If I was looking for a one to three year ride, I probably would have purchased the Khan. But I do not think I could live with the style longer than that. This is a personal taste issue and does not reflect on the frame at all.

They look to be very strong and well built. They are also very light. One of the riders is a 230#+ rider and he has no problem, the other is a 140# rider and also likes it.

It both cases they enjoy the bike and use it every day. But in both cases, they are selling them and trying something new. But that is what these two guys do; they are always on the latest and greatest from Europe.

When I was considering the frame I did a bit of research on it, FWIW:

Kuota is a brand name for Sintema, which is an Italian design and marketing company.

Sintema designs the frame in Italy. The frame is manufactured in Taiwan by Martec, which is considered to be a high to very high-end composite manufacturer. They are a quality manufacturer that builds carbon bikes for a lot of ‘famous name' brands.

The frame looks to be a monocoque design. There are no lugs used anywhere in the frame construction. The rear dropouts are also composite. The only alloy on the frame is in the area of the bottom bracket. Personally I am not sure about the long durability of carbon for dropouts, but that is another issue.

The rear triangle of the bike is very different. The tubes are curved. I presume that there is a reason for this, but I have not been able to figure it out. The carbon weave on the rear looks to be a red and black carbon weave. It is really very pretty to look at.

I personally like the geometry of the bike. It seems to be a bike that can fit a lot of body styles. For any given size frame, the head tube is longer than other bikes. This allows the use of less spacers under the stem or a higher bar position. The top-tubes is also shorter for any given size bike, at least in comparison to Trek for example.

The best place to buy the frame in US/Canada is
They are selling the frame significantly cheaper than what it sells for in Europe.

If I remember correctly, the warranty on the frame is 2 years.