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Bike show girl exhibits(35 posts)

Bike show girl exhibitsmarcoxxx
Sep 18, 2003 1:33 PM
from eurobike 03 NW girl poser with logo showing too!
seen on

Looks like Tori Spelling but wih normal b**bs............nmchopper
Sep 18, 2003 1:48 PM
Looks like Tori Spelling but wih normal b**bs............nmphlatland
Sep 18, 2003 2:13 PM
I never was a fan of the Tori Spelling unibreast.
Looks like Tori Spelling IN 30 YEARS!!! nmbiknben
Sep 18, 2003 2:34 PM
Looks like Tom Spelling! (nm)hrv
Sep 18, 2003 2:46 PM
That's what you see the morning after. nmlotterypick
Sep 18, 2003 3:16 PM
First glance:CHRoadie
Sep 18, 2003 3:19 PM
I thought "that is the funkiest belly button I've ever seen."
Thats a man! nmthe bull
Sep 18, 2003 4:04 PM
god you guys are pigslonefrontranger
Sep 18, 2003 4:42 PM
For the poster who claimed that this is a man, no... hate to break it to ya but drag queens have cuter boobs and way better fashion sense.

For ALL our sakes, if you're going to be sexist, please at least find something more appropriate from the podium girls pics in the Tours pages for the love of Pete. I recognise the gal tho I don't recall her name. She happens to be an actual MTB cross-country racer, I believe she's Dutch if I'm not mistaken. Northwave is at least serious enough about their product to use real racers to market it at the shows, instead of selling out to the Marzocchi porn princess phenomena.

Now, we serious racer gals know very well we're not catalog material, cause we're too busy training to hire a good wardrobe consultant or wait around for our manicures to dry, so please have the decency to cut us some slack, thanks.

Luv ya, mean it, smoochies - LFR
Thats not trueSabine
Sep 18, 2003 5:21 PM
I know a couple of serious racer gals who are catalog material. Dotsie Cowden, Odessa Gunn and Tanya Lindenmuth come to mind.
Here's a pic of Tanya

Oh, and don't worry, I've got some podium boy pics for tomorrow.
hyperbole, dearielonefrontranger
Sep 18, 2003 6:43 PM
because lord knows, these guys wouldn't understand anything but a less-than-subtle hint, oh, like say applied with a piledriver?

you and I both KNOW there are plenty o' bodacious babes out there who race. But for some reason the fact they're all sweaty and not attending to their lipstick in most of their action shots somehow makes this pack of crotch-sniffers think they're less than feminine, get my drift?
Agreed, there are many ultra-hot women who race....Fatnslow
Sep 19, 2003 5:34 AM
So why in the hell did Northwave use her?!?!

Call me a sexist pig ('cause I am) but NW should either have a beautiful racer (Tara Llanes anyone?) or just product in their booth.

Personally tho...I DO like the Marzocchi porn chick...a lot.
Maybe 'cause she f****n' wins, dude.PseuZQ
Sep 19, 2003 12:14 PM
Oh, I'm sorry, I meant "muffin."
Maybe 'cause she f****n' wins, dude.Fatnslow
Sep 19, 2003 12:31 PM
Let's see...lowrider short skirt, high heels, midriff exposed...and you say she's there because she f'in wins?

Think again...pookie.

I'l admit to the fact that the bad lighting, or whatever, may not show her at her best, but you're never gonna convince me she's there because she wins.
The bitterness is great in this one... (nm)CHRoadie
Sep 19, 2003 8:56 AM
real women or arm candy?velocity
Sep 19, 2003 6:13 AM
Don't understand why the vast majority of (male) posters are dissing this woman. She's lean, attractive, AND (according to LFR), a racer, which makes her even hotter IMHO. If she was made up like a "true" podium girl, you guys would probably change your tunes.
LFR.. LFR.. oh stop overreacting!cyclopathic
Sep 19, 2003 6:49 AM
not that I share the views of original poster, don't you talk the same way about boyz?
indulge me for a momentlonefrontranger
Sep 19, 2003 11:13 AM
Aside from the fact that I'm currently pissed off at the world in general (more on that later), I was merely using sarcastic hyperbole to drive home a point these pants-sniffers here regularly miss, and that is (drum roll please): Women who race bikes do not do so at the expense of their femininity or sexual preference. Please consider for a moment the utter ridiculous irony of this whole thread. This poor girl has had her gender put in question simply because of lousy camera angles, crummy lighting and lack of an airbrush (see pic posted below).

I am all for gleefully celebrating the bodaciousness of the opposite sex. I freely admit we gals engage in some pretty lewd discussions about boys. Oftentimes most of us have the good manners to do it a little less, er, publicly, if only because that's what's been socially driven into us from childhood (and that's a whole other rant, believe me) However, there exists a fine line here that I insist has been crossed.
don't get mad..cyclopathic
Sep 19, 2003 12:08 PM
just go and ride. there's nothing pissed off at what couldn't be remedied with a good 4-9hr ride. :)

Listen, you can't react to everything every idiot says it is waste of time. Pers I found a girl attractive /you can call me a sexist pants-sniffer I don't mind/ she just doesn't know how to dress and how to project herself. But that is her problem.. With respect to good manners, yes kids need to grow up; they would never tell it up your face, so calm down.
Sep 19, 2003 12:22 PM
That *** otherwise known as my coach has put me on a no-bike holiday for two weeks.
Sep 19, 2003 12:31 PM
poor girl my apologies for anything I said ;) I haven't realized that you have every reason to.

Go out to night club, have a drink and dance it out.. get your hubby in bed and take it out on him, and if it doesn't help, try backpacking, running, rollerblading..
no SO eitherlonefrontranger
Sep 19, 2003 12:36 PM
He split about a month ago. Can't believe my coach would pull a dirty underhanded stunt like this. Sucker better RUN next time he sees me...

Oh, and before you suggest I just go against his wishes, let me just say the last time I disobeyed his orders precipitated a 3-hour beating with the scooter.
I was wondering.............Len J
Sep 19, 2003 1:07 PM
why you were "getting down in the mud with the pigs", it usually isn't your style. Now I understand.

Go ahead & take your frustration out on anyone you want, you've earned it on this board.


PS It's his loss.
no SO eithercyclopathic
Sep 19, 2003 3:09 PM
well, if I weren't gazillion miles away, I'd drag you out got drunk and then drag back /as friendly gesture, I am faithful to my wife/

I spit in past and it is never pretty. But time goes and it goes away. Pull it together man life is going on.


PS.I would just pack backpack, camera and go for long slow MTB epic; you can't scare me with scooter I've seen worse. Hiking would work too, I don't mind walking my bike :)
Great legs,great abs; admit it, we all want her.......nmroadmeister
Sep 18, 2003 5:42 PM
Uh . . . no. (nm)mickey-mac
Sep 18, 2003 8:28 PM
Where's her shapely hips????BigFatSal
Sep 18, 2003 7:57 PM
Either that's a freaky picture, or she's a guy.... She's got man-hips.

I like my woman to feel like a woman when I run my hand over her waist and down her hip: smooth, firm, racy curves is where it's at, my friend! :>)
Hot, and studly too ! yum.....nmrwbadley
Sep 18, 2003 8:26 PM
All she needs is . . .pedalAZ
Sep 19, 2003 8:33 AM
a fashion makeover. Check out that hot MTB! Yes, she is a pro MTB racer.
That's a spicy meatball! (nm)CHRoadie
Sep 19, 2003 8:53 AM
I hope you realize it's the same girl . . .nmpedalAZ
Sep 19, 2003 9:16 AM
I didn't recognize her without the belly sticker (nm)CHRoadie
Sep 19, 2003 10:10 AM
thank you VERY muchlonefrontranger
Sep 19, 2003 10:32 AM
You guys just do not get it, do you? THOSE WOMEN IN PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOTS ARE NOT REAL. Even in the podium shots, the models have been trained how to pose to make themselves maximally attractive. No, I am not bitter. I happen to have been a model myself (cosmetic and runway), believe it or not, so this is how I know so much about how the fine hucksterism we all call "showbiz" works.

I just get really ticked at all the men out there (and believe me there are a lot of 'em) who call us "dykes on bikes" just because we can't attend to our makeup while we're sweating our way through a 3-hour mountain stage, and something about that particular aspect of the negative criticism this poor girl got really touched a nerve with me. How is she a "man" or less feminine just because she was caught in a semi-unattractive and very poorly composed candid with rotten lighting?

Oh, yeah - I know for a fact that Cindy Crawford's boobs were... um, electronically enhanced for her Esquire shoot. Doesn't that make you wonder what ELSE professional photographers do?
thank you VERY muchFatnslow
Sep 19, 2003 10:48 AM
That's why I like porn stars, they have to look good from all angles. Besides, they're built like women instead of these little twig-armed, no boob, ally McBeal, flat-a$$ed sunken-eyed skeletons that pass for "models" nowadays.

Gimme a girl with a Marylin Monroe or Betty Page body anyday.

Oink oink oink
Not really.djg
Sep 20, 2003 9:43 AM
I just assume that all magazine photos of women, and most of men, are digitally "enhanced." I'm not all that interested in the particulars.

People who call you a dyke--not that there's anything wrong with that--just because you don't stop to touch up your make-up in the middle of a race (or, for that matter, each and every trip to the 7-11) are idiots. In my experience, lecturing idiots is just not very rewarding, financially or otherwise. Just walk ... or ride ... away.