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Which would you use . .(2 posts)

Which would you use . .tmguy
Sep 17, 2003 5:08 PM
Riding the bike leg in a half ironman triathlon as part of a team (combined age of 120+). I have two wheelsets; (1) '02 Campy Neutrons with Conti Force/Attack combo and (2) '98 Campy Electrons with Vittoria CX tubulars. Course is flat and probalby pretty clean (minimal puncture risk). Which would you use?

Any reccomendations? Thoughts? Should I get some CO2 inflaters? (probably a good idea; any reccomendations on brand?)
Go Aerobimini
Sep 18, 2003 4:40 AM
I know the Neutron is not an aero wheel, I would not use that.

I'm not familiar with the Electron, if it is aero go with that. Aeros should have rims that are at least 40mm deep. If you can get hold of a disk regardless of weight, get it. Weight is not a significant factor on a flat course. You are not climbing and your speed will be relative stable. The rolling resistance of the Vittoria CX tubulars is less than the Conti Force Attack also.

If the Electrons are not aero, see if one of your buddies can lend you a set of aero wheels.

Personnally, I don't carry any pumps or tools in a road race or TT. If I flat, I'm out of the running anyway. Any pump will work, again, weight is not much of a factor on a flat course.