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Broken Kneecap? Not Mafia Related...(8 posts)

Broken Kneecap? Not Mafia Related...Fez
Sep 17, 2003 8:15 AM
I'm not looking for medical advice. I do have a doc appt scheduled soon. I'm just looking for some common sense advice.

One week ago, I was out running pretty fast and I lost traction and fell on my knee pretty hard on the road. I instinctively and immediately rolled over to lessen the impact, but I still skinned my knee up pretty bad. Other than my knee, no other injury.

I thought it was just a bad bruise and some road rash, so I didn't worry too much. I have continued to cycle without any problem for the past week, although I have been taking it easy.

Maybe I'm just worrying because of the big bruise, but now I am wondering if the kneecap bone is cracked. How hard is it to crack a kneecap? I have no pain except the bruise and I can walk and cycle just fine.

Anyone with prior kneecap injuries chime in? If mine is cracked, what's the common fix? A brace and no cycling until it heals?

I just want to keep my wife from worrying until I get to the doctor.
re: Broken Kneecap? Not Mafia Related...DanO-rama
Sep 17, 2003 8:40 AM
I fractured my kneecap a couple of years ago while mtbk'ing. I slammed into a tree after being run off the trail by a rabid motorcyclist ('nuther story). I got up and got back on the bike and was able to ride for another 10-20 minutes but after that the pain set in, it was all I could do to walk back to the car without passing out. I've never experienced pain like that before! Went to the doc after two days of severe pain and he confirmed with an x-ray that I had a hairline fracture. I was issued some pain meds and told to rest up- that's it. I really didn't get as much swelling as I thought I would with a fracture anywhere around the knee, but oh, the pain! Anyway, if you can ride, or walk, or bend your leg in any way perhaps you don't have a fracture. Good luck.
My kneecap was cracked on July 25th.MB1
Sep 17, 2003 8:54 AM
I wore a brace for 5 weeks to let the thing heal. August 30th with the Doc's permission I did my first ride after the accident. My leg is still weak and I can't stand up on the bike, stairs are difficult and the darn thing still aches.

The concern about a cracked kneecap is the tendons that are connected to it could seperate the crack if you bend your leg a lot. That is a much worse injury and could require months off the bike.

Take care.
Hope you're betterFez
Sep 17, 2003 9:06 AM
May I ask what kind of impact (and how severe) you suffered to crack the kneecap? Sounds like you experienced a heck of a lot of pain.

Could you do anything to stay in shape while you had the brace? Or were your workouts limited to pressing the buttons on the TV remote?

Besides a huge bruise, I have normal function. I want to get it checked out to make sure everythings OK.
re: Broken Kneecap? Will never be the same again!.t5rguy
Sep 17, 2003 10:13 AM
7 years ago I broke my kneecap; T-boned a car while on my 750 cc motorbike, landed somewhere up the road, bike fell on me and kind of pierced the right kneecap and broke of a piece the size of a fortune cookie. Knee swelled to the size of a small football! Brace was applied, passive movement of the joint after 4 days, to preserve functionality, walked out on crutches after a week. Back on the bike (bicycle!) two weeks after the accident.
Probably because of scar tissue on bone, cartilage and/or tendons, knee has always been slightly tender/painful, fysiotherapy notwithstanding. Was back in racing a year after the accident, no problems after inital tenderness, enough power and coordination of movement. I cannot run anymore though, too painful after 50 to 100 meters.
But then: 6 years after tne accident: meniscus problem, artiscopy. Didn't solve the problem though, may have to do it again.
This knee will never be the same again, that's for sure!

Good luck with yours!
Sounds severe...Fez
Sep 17, 2003 11:37 AM
Your motorcycle incident sounds quite severe. The mass of a falling motorcycle can do a lot of damage. I knew a fellow roadbiker who had a motorcycle accident at low speed. Problem was his motorcycle fell to the side and landed on his leg broke his femur. Walked with a cane for a while and don't know if he ever rode his bicycle at a high level again.

I don't have much swelling - just a hell of a bruise. I'll keep my fingers crossed until I get to the doc.
Sounds severe...t5rguy
Sep 17, 2003 1:12 PM
I consider myself extremely fortunate. Hit the car at 50 mph, but my body went over the car, landed on hip and shoulder (broke collarbone too), helmet had no marks. I have no recollection from second before impact to lying on the road. Face appears above me, yelling in panic: ''ca va? ca va?'' (This was in France) I looked down and saw the bike lying over the lower half of my legs, and yelled that they take the bike of me. Was worried of burns by the exhaust.
Bought a new motorbike two months later, and another one the year after that. Didn't ride them too much really, not enough time.
I was very, very lucky. Gave me a fresh perspective on life too, so I don't regret the accident at all. But, riding (or racing) a bicycle is much more satisfying. The love of my life!
Fez, let us know how things go with your knee.
Ice skater attack then?Kristin
Sep 17, 2003 10:55 AM
I dunno. I guess its all how you land on it. I've had several falls on my right knee in the past 10 years. I've even lost some feeling below the knee cap; but I've never broken or torn anything in it. Last April, I hastily laced my Merrill boots and headed for the door. (If you hike or skate, you know this is the dumbest thing you can do.) I hooked my lace and launched, landing my full weight on my knee on concrete. Couldn't bear weight for 5 hours. Got x-rays. No breaks.

You should definately get an x-ray. You want to know for sure if its injured. Of course Murphey's law dictates that if you get the x-rays there will be no break, but if you forgo them, there will most certainly be a fracture present. One thing about bruised knees. It takes much longer for them to heal than other parts of the body. The reason is that not a lot of blood flows through the front of the knee. (This is what I was told by a doctor anyway.)