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Rolf Victor Comps or Mavic Ksyriums on rain bike?(5 posts)

Rolf Victor Comps or Mavic Ksyriums on rain bike?insmanblue
Sep 16, 2003 9:33 PM
I'm thinking about using the Comps on the rain bike. Does anyone have any positive or negitive experiences with these wheels in the wet? Also I have a pair of Mavic Ksyriums I could use instead. Which would be better for wet conditions? The Comps have rim tape and the Mavics do not. Any comments would be helpful. Thank you.
Do you want to remove your tires after every rainy ride?JL
Sep 17, 2003 4:19 AM
That's been my experience with the Vector Comps. They hold water, so you need to remove the tire/tube and dry it out overnight. Depending on tire brand you use, it can be a pain.

It all depends how hard it rains though. If it's a drizzle it's no problem. It's when there's too many puddles and "rivers" to go around them that the water gets in and stays. Other than that they're fine in the rain.

I have no experience with the Mavics so I'll defer to others.

Live to ride, ride to eat.
prob 3k mi on Rolf Vector Comps w/no probscmgauch
Sep 17, 2003 5:03 AM
I ride the same bike rain or shine, even did a rainy century last season. No problems at all w/the Vector Comps. I haven't even had to true them up, & I broke the frame they were mounted to last year. Never noticed them holding water.
re: Rolf Victor Comps or Mavic Ksyriums on rain bike?maximum15
Sep 17, 2003 9:20 AM
Well, I have both sets of wheels but can't comment on the Ksyriums in the rain as they haven't yet seen a rain ride. The Vector comps have been thru many rain rides in the last three years as well as many washings. They do get wet inside and hold the water, but what the heck, there isn't anything to rot or rust. This hasn't really been a problem for me until 3 weeks ago -- and that may have just been the tires fault. Had a flat and when I went to fix it, the tube was literally glued to the inside of the tire. Continental tubes as usual but new Vitoria Open Corsa tires. I don't know if they got stuck together from being wet or not. Anyway, both wheels have sealed bearings in the hubs, so that isn't an issue. The Kysriums are more expensive and since braking in the rain is like filing your rims, I think I would choose the Vectors for rain riding. The Kysriums are too expensive to wear away the braking surface for no good reason.
re: Rolf Victor Comps or Mavic Ksyriums on rain bike?insmanblue
Sep 17, 2003 1:37 PM
Great advise from all. Thank you. Just what I was looking for. I think I will use the Comps for my winter bike.