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Anyone had problems with posts)

Anyone had problems with
Sep 16, 2003 4:50 PM
I tried to order a shoe/pedal combo they had on their home page. But when I clicked on it, the specials page came up and it wasn't there??? I even tried to order them seperate to see if they would alter the price in the shopping cart, but still no luck. I wound up getting a pair of Sidi Genious for $106; but I wanted the Sidi Energy & Look 396 combo deal for $163. Either way its an upgrade on my 3 year old pair of Sidi Titans. They are causing some pain in the ball of my right foot.
re: Anyone had problems with
Sep 16, 2003 5:54 PM
I suggest that you call them to place an order. The web site is ok, but they are easier to deal with on the phone. I have also found that they have products that are not on the web site and vice versa.

I have seen a number of pricing inconsistencies on the web. These guys are bike people, not great web technology people. But they do offer some of the best prices on the planet for Euro-bike stuff.
You should email them. They replied quickly to my 1st Q. (nm)jtferraro
Sep 16, 2003 6:40 PM
They replied quickly to my email as wellvelocity
Sep 17, 2003 6:10 AM
I've only ordered from them once but will definitely order from them again.
re: Anyone had problems with
Sep 17, 2003 4:06 AM
I had placed an order with them and the order was not complete when it arrived.. after several e-mails Mike told me he had said he would mail the rest of the with-in a couple of days..These were shoes that needed adapter plates to use... never received them..again several e-mails and never a I had a pair of shoes I could not use for sometime...I took them off of my computer and will never use them will have better luck in the purchasing your goods in the greater United States...
I got that shoe/pedal combo from them.......BigFatSal
Sep 17, 2003 5:51 AM
and no problem at all. I saw the great price and ordered them directly from the website. The package arrived in 3 days (to Connecticut via their Parcel Force shipping option: $16).

This was about 6 weeks ago so maybe they've made some adjustments on their "specials."

But, after my one experience with them, I'd certainly have to give them a high rating: great prices on great products, shipped fast, no problems..... I checked them out on this site before I bought anything (thinking these prices looked too good to be true so there must be a catch!) and nearly everyone who responded had very positive experiences with these guys. I'll definitely buy more from them as needed. I was tempted to buy a Look carbon frame from them but after some research found that the US distributor (Veltec Sports) would not honor a warranty situation since the bike did not come thru their distribution even though it was a Look frame (they would know by tracking the bike's serial number). But for components, I think Totalcycling should be okay.

Good luck!
re: Anyone had problems with
Sep 17, 2003 8:02 AM
None. I called them, and as said by another poster they (Mike) are very easy to deal with. He went into the warehouse (?) to measure the axle-to-crown of a carbon fork, even gave a small discount. Credited my account after I changed my mind. Fork arrived, I'm very happy with it. Excellent people to deal with.
2 pairs of Sidi's and 100% satisfied!!!shrEd
Sep 17, 2003 12:51 PM
The first pair I ordered was the Energy road shoe, but they didn't have them in my size so they gave me the Genius 4's and some free cork tape since we had to go back and forth a few times w/ emails...

I just received the Action mtb shoe for the price of the Dominators again because of a sizing issue...

All-in-all, everytime there's an issue w/ sizing and stock, they address it in a timely manner and make it worth your while for sticking w/ them - that's more than I can say for a lot of US web-retailers...

Oh yeah, the East Coast gets shipments in about 2-3 days, 7 days a week...

TotalCycling rules!