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updated: ebay value of used 2002 chorus 10 kit?(11 posts)

updated: ebay value of used 2002 chorus 10 kit?JS Haiku Shop
Sep 16, 2003 7:18 AM
i'm keeping the headset and seatpost. the rest will go on ebay in a single auction. it's all chorus 10 speed.

weiwentg, i want to get rid of it all at once, cleanly. if you're interested in the whole shebang, let's talk. we'll use the RBR classifieds if so.

cranks (53/39, 172.5 mm)
bottom bracket
front derailleur
rear derailleur (fits 29t cog)
ergo shifters/levers
brake calipers front & rear
13-29 cassette
black open pro/chorus 32-spoke handbuilt wheelset (GVH)

the gear has been used since may 16, 2002, except the bb, which is only 6 months old. everything's in good condition, with expected wear from everyday riding. the finish on the front derailleur has some minor cosmetic-only peeling, and the left ergopower hood has a tiny cut in the rubber (both derailleur and hood 100% functional). this is on my "good sunday" bike, which has only seen rain twice, and has been otherwise obsessed over and wiped with pledge and a cloth daiper ad nauseum.

my post last week didn't include the bb, cranks, or calipers, i think.

so, what's your best guess for what this is worth at auction?


re: updated: ebay value of used 2002 chorus 10 kit?Mike Prince
Sep 16, 2003 7:39 AM

I'd set the reserve around $400 and see where it goes from there. I'd guess that street value of that stuff brand new is probably between $800-$900, so I'd say that you would do pretty good to get $600 or so. But ebay is pretty unpredictable as you know, maybe you will create a bidding frenzy. If the cranks were longer, I'd propose a trade of sorts for my Dura-Ace kit. What will the Merckx wear now?

How's things in Elvis-land? Don't think I'll be back soon, returned from holiday in Spain to find myself assigned to a project in PA with minimal travel until Thanksgiving. That means lots of mountain riding for me :) We'll see if my wife can stand having me around so much after being gone pretty much continuously for the last 18 months.
re: merckx etcJS Haiku Shop
Sep 16, 2003 7:52 AM
i'm thinking eddy's getting ultegra, unless i get a DA trade offer like yours. of course he'll have a chorus ti seatpost and chorus headset; this is because i don't want to remove/install another hs, and because the seatpost is too purty to be rid of.

eddy's new shopmate, eddy, will arrive soon. i wonder what conversations will be overheard between a lugged & chromed steel eddy with arcore colors and a 7020 al/cf eddy with loud flaming colors (comparatively). probably the makings of a lifelong companionship.

elvisville is the same. old friends fade away, new ones emerge, and the faithful hold true. i'm interested to see who hangs tough when it starts getting cold. last year it was like turning off a light switch immediately after our MS150.

rides: though i expected earlier darkness to scare a few away on thursdays, we're still having record numbers. weekend rides are hit-and-miss due to "event" rides; last weekend was our club century, next weekend the ms150, the following weekend is a duathlon, then 'cross starts in october. my aspirations of a 10,000 mile year fall to the wayside with thoughts of running and cyclocross--sunday races mean no saturday training centuries.

i'm sure you're glad to be home! what's come of the bike replacement?
reason for changing? nmrufus
Sep 16, 2003 8:14 AM
not a 'campy guy' after all...JS Haiku Shop
Sep 16, 2003 8:25 AM
before chorus i'd only had pre-STI and STI 105.

bought chorus. gave it a year and compared it to ultegra and 105, on the other bikes at home. not impressed. it's a personal preference thing, i guess. funny that i actually prefer riding 9sp 105 over 10sp chorus. and, my "stable" is growing, and all shimano; i can switch wheels, and components in a jam, between bikes. and, replacement parts & components are (seem?) much more expensive with campy.

overall i'm simply underwhelmed with chorus and prefer riding 105 & ultegra. i'm riding eddy much less not because i dislike the frame but because i find the components don't make me feel warm & fuzzy.

please no flames; this is personal opinion & preference only.
If you sell all together you will lose lots of money.PeterRider
Sep 16, 2003 9:14 AM
I would at least sell the wheels separately. Handbuilt wheels already sell far below what they are worth on ebay, if they are part of a groupset it will be even worse.

Actually, if I was selling it I would sell everything separately. Campy stuff is expensive, and people who replace one part don't want to replace the whole group. You can sell things separately and mention "look there for other stuff from my beautiful almost-brand-new group" and "will combine shipping costs".

You should askSpecialTater
Sep 16, 2003 9:49 AM
your monkey
I wouldn't think a lot of moneyDropped
Sep 16, 2003 10:18 AM
Good point above about parting it out vs. selling it together. I understand it's easier to do it as a whole, but . . .

Total Cycling sells a brand new Chorus group without hubs for $620. I think you'd be lucky to get $300 or so for a used Chorus group, but then again I've seen some wacky s#@! on e-Bay. The high price of Campy consumables (chain, cogs, chain rings) will work against a used group, as well.

Either way, best of luck!
I'm interested in you group..oldbutslow
Sep 16, 2003 10:54 AM
maybe we can reach an agreeable price on your Chorus group?
It would save you Ebay fees and Ebay heartache.

Please email me at

You gotta sell it by the piece....DaveLobster
Sep 17, 2003 8:08 AM
I have sold plenty on eBay and piece by piece is the only way to go. I could see selling the whole set to someone you know or ride with, but why give it away to some stranger on eBay? If you do, I wouldn't be surprised if the buyer parts it out themselves and makes the extra $$ you left on the table.

I once bought an old Trek 2500 3-tube carbon bike with full DA 7-speed on eBay for $440 shipped. The frame separated at the bottom bracket, and I then used the components on another frame. After 2 years of use, I then turned around and sold MOST of the components on eBay for over $600. And I still have some parts left!

I know it's a pain, but selling the pieces is the best way to go. -Dave
thanks folks...JS Haiku Shop
Sep 17, 2003 8:20 AM
i've got a new campy 10sp bb/cass tool on order (the previous one refuses to come home). when it arrives, i'll part out the kit on ebay, unless a better offer comes first.

thanks again!