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Heart rate question.......(2 posts)

Heart rate question.......rrjc5488
Sep 15, 2003 12:15 PM
OK, im in high school and i run cross country, and during time trials (unofficiated) i wear my heart rate monitor, and i can keep my heart rate at 200 for about ~19 minutes. But when i ride, i can only keep it at that high for maybe 2 minutes. Why is this, should I use weights to strenghten my legs over the winter, is it a matter of me having a good cardio, but not enough strength in my legs, or just the difference between running and cycling?
different activities = different HR'sDougSloan
Sep 15, 2003 2:23 PM
I've heard tri-athletes report the same thing.

Even different types of cycling will produce different max or threshold heart rates. Climbing, particularly out of the saddle, can produce much higher rates than seated flats.

There are two considerations -- the number of muscles (or volume?) being utilized, and how trained are those muscles. The more muscle, the better trained, the higher heart rates you can achieve.

Now, higher is not always preferred. Ideally, you'll train to do more work at the same HR, or the same work at a lower HR.

If you have trained a lot more for running than cycling, it should not be a concern that the heart rates are different.