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Paging Carbon110mainframe
Sep 14, 2003 6:38 AM
Tried your leg builder/sprint recipe today as your comments on the "speed over the flats" thread captured my interest. Just experimentally, I did one 25min set in my 53/12 @ 55-57 rpms. I have dedided to put this into my ride schedule believing, as you, this will improve leg strength sufficient to push ever larger gears without reducing rpm. What I've done is ride, out of the saddle, always into a stiff headwind, in the 53/12 @ 65 to 70 rpms for 1/2 mile. I do this once for every five miles ridden. This, too, is a great strength builder.
re: Paging Carbon110CARBON110
Sep 14, 2003 10:26 AM
Great! Glad you felt like it worked for you. I do it all year even when I use weights. You can do it standing up as you suggested for 15 + minutes. Be sure to build up to longer intervals and dont over do it. I dont know what kinda shape your in but it sounds like your in great shape. 25 minutes is long to start with unless your used to it but more power to you :) Just remember to give yourself adequate rest especially during race season or using heavy weights. I back off a little during my MS weight phase. You will figure out what works for you although it sounds like you already have.
Its smart to start off with a sense of perceived effort ie. knowing your body and its limits,watching your HR on any given day to see how rested you are blah blah blah... I know you already know all this Mainframe, just for others who might consider the work out.

By the way thanks for the post, its really nice to get feed back on training that is similar to my own. Theres plenty of different regimines out there that are successful. I really appreciate it and will keep an eye out for your posts in the future.

I think you will find standing intervals will help your sprint and attacking on hills eventually. But staying in the sadlle builds your hip strength and is always good for quick accelerations, climbing in the saddle and makes pace line efforts easy