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Suggestions from Pasadena (LA area) to Oakland (SF area) ?(2 posts)

Suggestions from Pasadena (LA area) to Oakland (SF area) ?PeterRider
Sep 13, 2003 9:17 PM

what would you suggest to go from Pasadena to Oakland (on bike) ? I was thinking of going all the way on the 1. But my friend Christophe, who rode the San Luis Obispo 600km brevet, told me there are big-time winds around Big Sur. And no, I don't have the option of riding this from Oakland to Pasadena :-)

Today, Chris Kostman told me he recommends going on the 25 from about Paso Robles to Gilroy, then from Gilroy he didn't really know, go to San Jose, SF and Oakland. Is this a good way to go ? I want to minimize hills and headwind.

What would you recommend ? By the way, this is for next week-end, I'll be alone and I already know how great the coast looks like.

Thanks for your suggestions !

The wind is probably just as bad inland...Lon Norder
Sep 15, 2003 9:37 AM
There's a "wind farm" east of Gilroy for that reason. I'd ride highway 1 all the way to San Francisco and then take BART or the ferry to Oakland. The trick to riding north on 1 is to get a very early (pre-dawn) start and ride a lot of miles before the wind picks up.