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Road Shock(8 posts)

Road Shockhokie_biker
Sep 12, 2003 6:40 PM
Just iming a ride buddy and we were talking about disc brakes and fork shocks on road bikes. I remember reading on Velonews that the second place finisher at paris-rebiuex (sp) road with a shock (rockshox I believe) for the cobbles. Anyone know where I can get pictures or more info. Searched Rockshox website but I couldn't find anything.
Here it isSprint-Nick
Sep 13, 2003 9:22 AM
After some digging on I was able to find it for you. From what it says the bike belonged to Frédéric Finot who DNFed.

Here is the results with photos at near the bottom.

thanks a lothokie_biker
Sep 13, 2003 10:30 AM
i guess is just didn't dig far enough
Also ...orange_julius
Sep 13, 2003 12:26 PM
Credit Agricole has used LOOK bikes with Rockshox forks
but their performance in Paris-Roubaix is far from

I'm sure there are pics on cyclingnews also.
Figures...a "Fred" was riding it!Alexx
Sep 14, 2003 7:23 AM
Sep 13, 2003 1:52 PM
I think Cannondale made a road frame a few years back with a head shok on it too. Had like one inch of travel and a lockout too. Probably much ligher than anything Rock Shox could come up with. Sorry, I have no idea when or what model it was.
Sep 13, 2003 5:45 PM
Cannondale made a SILK road bike with built in road version of their Headshock.

The Rock Shox fork is the Ruby.

A few teams at Paris-Roubaix have also experimented with titanium forks to soften up the ride. The problem is that for them to make a difference they are often to flexy laterally as well.

By the way, Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle won a Paris Roubaix on a Rock Shox modified Mag 21 fork when he rode for Gan in the early 90's if I remember right. (1992 or 93 I think...)

link to eBaywilier
Sep 14, 2003 9:34 PM
They are on sale there new all the time.

I think that the things are not manufactured anymore and only 1 inch steerer tubes are available, but I've never researched them.