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POLL: What is Your Rainbike?(40 posts)

POLL: What is Your Rainbike?Fez
Sep 12, 2003 10:40 AM
1) Even if your rainbike is not pretty, is it set up comparable to your "good" roadbike (riding position) to get the most out of your training ride?

2) Do you use this rainbike at races if it is raining?
IF Crown JewelBikinCO
Sep 12, 2003 10:50 AM
I ride it rain or shine.

I do ride a Surly Steamroller fixie December-March because the winters in Vail get really nasty.
Mine is the infamous "Fred Sled"...Gregory Taylor
Sep 12, 2003 10:50 AM
A jade green Bianchi Volpe touring bike with triple chain rings, canti-brakes, and full coverage Planet Bike black polycarbonate fenders. This thing is great, kinda like a Surly Cross-check without the funky cachet.

1. Set up: No, this thing is set up more like a touring bike than my "good" road bike. Stem is even with the seat (versus a 1.5 inch drop on the "good" bike), 25c tires versus 23c, canti brakes, etc.

2. Race it? Actually, yes. I did a cross race or two with it a while back. It worked pretty well -- it has plenty of clearance for 35c cross tires. The cables run along the top of the top tube, so you can throw it over your shoulder for the barrier sections. The thing is heavy, though.
The ones that don't have a DuraAce bottom bracket.MR_GRUMPY
Sep 12, 2003 11:06 AM
I ride my Bianchi, that has a Chorus BB, or I ride my Gunnar, that I decided to play it safe, when I installed an Ultegra BB......All bikes are set up the same.
I use the Gunnar in all Crits, and in road races, if it's raining. I keep the TCR for dry weather.
<i>vecchio</i> De Bernardi SLXElefantino
Sep 12, 2003 11:06 AM
From the late '80s. The only components the same are the saddle and the Speedplays but the riding positions are alike.

No racing, but I do use it for fast, wet training rides. Downtube 6-speed, too. Nothing like retro.

Lemond Zurich w/Chorus 10. One bike. Race, train, sun, rain.nmSpunout
Sep 12, 2003 11:09 AM
Surly Cross-Check FG/SS...biknben
Sep 12, 2003 11:10 AM
I never realized it had "funky cachet". Now I feel special.

I didn't pay too much attention to the frame geo when I got it. I tried to match the reach to that of my good bike.
I also have the planet bike fenders. It's a FG/SS so it's not gonna do any races. It's a tank anyway.
re: POLL: What is Your Rainbike?Milestogo
Sep 12, 2003 11:27 AM
Wilier Karbon 2. Dura Ace / FSA crank. Primary road bike is Colnago C40 w/ Record. Enjoy riding both.

Only us Wilier in races.
re: POLL: What is Your Rainbike?03Vortex
Sep 12, 2003 11:40 AM
Lemond Zurich w/Dura Ace. Also used as my indoor trainer bike. "Good" bike is LS Vortex.
Only one bike - it does it all! (nm)hrv
Sep 12, 2003 11:46 AM
1963 Raleigh Sport 3 spdrwbadley
Sep 12, 2003 11:51 AM
I LIKE it!Humma Hah
Sep 12, 2003 2:41 PM
... I saw one of those on the C&O towpath last weekend. A classic. Have you posted pics of it on Retro yet?
Here it is...rwbadley
Sep 12, 2003 3:02 PM
I found this at a garage sale a few years back. It had an old sprung saddle on it that didn't fit me or the bike. I e-bay'd the saddle for $45. Funny thing, I only paid $25 for the bike! nyuck nyuck

Great bike, I ride it almost exclusively from November to March. (except for nice days and longer rides)
OH ... that ... is ... stunning!Humma Hah
Sep 12, 2003 3:13 PM
I mentioned on Retro recently ... no bike sells for more than about $25 at yard sales. I could put my Paramount out at a yard sale, and if I priced it at $50, I bet nobody would look twice at it, or have a CLUE it was worth anything. We all dream of picking up a bargain like that.

Is that bike dark blue, or did the camera play a trick? I thought those were typically black. The one I saw on Sunday was (she said it was 35 years old, making it about a 68).
True about the $25 GS bikes...rwbadley
Sep 12, 2003 3:29 PM
I once overpaid for one. I spent $35 on this brown one. It's an early 70's Murray. Nothing too special about it, kinda cool tho. The Raleigh is black. It may be reflecting our blue sky for the blue effect. It looked unused when I got it. I put new tires and tubes on, oiled it up and haven't looked back.

It's really nice to have fenders, and I love the chain guard. I can just hop on and go... no funny little damn riding shoes or fancy riding gear ;-)
That is stunning!Gregory Taylor
Sep 12, 2003 4:21 PM
Way cool.

I've been kicking myself about an opportunity to score several Raleigh 3-speeds that I passed up a couple of years ago. We had a house in the neighborhood that had an "eccentric" (read crazy) gentleman living in it. He was, to put it mildly, a junk collector. The yard was about a half acre, and it was literally covered from stem to stern with all kinds of cast-off stuff. He had a gun "accident" one evening, the cops pulled up, found a TON of explosives in the house, and he was history. The house was condemned, yard was cleared and, unknown to everyone, a corner of it was apparently the old Raleigh bicycle graveyard. He must of had twenty or thirty of them, all black, all in various states of disrepair. The pile of junk that eventually got hauled to the dump was just tremendous, and most of the Raleighs went with it. I scored some good bike parts (including an old Campy Record front wheel), but I should have lugged home one of the better Raleighs that was sitting there. Oh well.
Here it is...toomanybikes
Sep 12, 2003 5:07 PM
I had one just like that except red. It was my second bike, I sure wish I still had that.

I do still have the saddle bag downstairs though, use it on my mountain bike.

I have an aged uncle with one of those Raleighs in his basement - Think I'm going to see if I can inherit it early!!
In Wyoming, the question is "what is your snow bike?"PT
Sep 12, 2003 11:59 AM
It rains about twice a year on me when I'm out riding -- fankly, if you ride early in the day in Wyoming you almost never have to worry about rain, and then more then rain you're working about being blasted by lightening. Snow on the other hand is a different matter, and that generally requires fat tires...hence, my commuting mtb or my single speed.
Bianch Pista (nm)pack_fodder
Sep 12, 2003 12:08 PM
ditto (nm)DougSloan
Sep 12, 2003 12:35 PM
re: POLL: What is Your Rainbike?Andy M-S
Sep 12, 2003 12:16 PM
1. My touring mongrel:

A black frame of undetermined origin, Campy Mirage 9s Ergos gutted to brake levers, Shimano 8s DT shifters, old LX cranks 46/36/30 (I think) and a 12-25 cassette. Planet bike Freddy Fenders with mudflaps. Blackburn rack in back. Wheels are my old road wheels, ME14A 14/15/14 to shiny silver 105 hubs, Michelin 25mm tires. Lights include 5w and 10w Nithawk heads, an Ecylpse in back and an EL100 emergency headlight. Bars are cut-down Icon Onyx, stem is undetermined purple anodized, derailers are 105, seatpost is generic with an old Flite Ti.

Funny you should ask, since I rode this bike on my commute this morning through pouring, drenching rain, and it was a total blast.

2. Who races?
Merckx Century 653gtx
Sep 12, 2003 12:19 PM
Set up just like my main road bike but with fenders. I don't do road races anymore.
2: LOOK KG76 and a Bianchi Premio nmDave Hickey
Sep 12, 2003 12:21 PM
Sep 12, 2003 12:31 PM
Kind of depends on the time of year;

In winter I ride my Rocky Mountain 'Cross bike with the wider tires and Shiman0 9 speed STI.

In other times of year I have a 1986 Derek Bailey with all C-Record and downtube friction shift 6 speed, still works like a charm, love that bike!

No racing, just fun.
KHS flite 500 *NM*Mudman
Sep 12, 2003 12:57 PM
I don't ride in the rain...irregardless
Sep 12, 2003 1:27 PM
Don't have to, this is Southern California.
Clonago(beater)!the bull
Sep 12, 2003 1:34 PM
It is well on its way to being set up the same as my better bike.
Always race the better bike not the beater bike!!!
Same as my dry bikevindicator
Sep 12, 2003 1:38 PM
only have 2 bikes. Use the hybrid when I'm pulling the kids in the Burley, riding on unpaved trails, or the road bike's in the shop. The other 99.9% of the time, it's roadbike for commute, training, racing, rain, sun, etc.
My mountain bike. nmMKD
Sep 12, 2003 2:32 PM
On fire roads to prevent deterioration of single track. nmMKD
Sep 12, 2003 2:35 PM
The one I get caught on ...Humma Hah
Sep 12, 2003 2:40 PM
1) I generally ride the cruiser if I expect rain. It usually wears a set of clip-on fenders, which I prefer to leave off of the roadbike.

2) I don't race. I'm not all that fond of getting my arse whupped.
IF Club Racer w/Fenders and Ultegra TripleIFRider
Sep 12, 2003 3:29 PM
Ride until the snow flys (after that I don't trust cars).
80's Nishiki.KG 361
Sep 12, 2003 5:09 PM
1) Yes, pretty close to my "good" bike.
2) Don't race. I might use it if I did once I get som newer components on it.
The Sofa in my living room. No Sofa races I know of!TNRyder
Sep 12, 2003 8:01 PM
just finished this one.desmo
Sep 12, 2003 8:40 PM
Saw this clean Trek 600 amongst other junk sitting outside a house that was being painted up the street from me a couple of weeks ago. I asked if she were for sale and the guy cleaning out the house said ten bucks. I only had a twenty and nobody had any change, but what the hell I was going to offer twenty anyway. It was a fixed gear in about an hour with freshly packed BB, hubs, and the groovy Hinualt Stronglight needle bearing headset. Added some chromo plastic fenders that I sprayed with that new Krylon plastic paint. Hey got to have white fenders and bar tape to show your class in the slop! Pretty perfect bike for the conversion as it came with 36H rims. I only changed the bar/stem and seat. What a bargain. Rides pretty well. Really sluggish in the handling deptmartment compared to my Cinelli track fixie, But will be great for the cold wet months ahead. And best of all no cleaning until it gets hung up in spring. Bring on monsoon season.
Really nice, and whatta deal too!...nmrwbadley
Sep 13, 2003 11:13 AM
Bianchi Pistas? Dura-Ace, IF? Those aren't rain bikes...Tom C
Sep 12, 2003 10:25 PM
It's amazing how it truly is all relative. To some aspiring European farm kid most all of those would be their main bike. Mine, well, I got a 1986 Schwinn Traveler frame on ebay with the seat post for 20 bucks. I had an old pair of Campagnolo Stratos hubs which I had laced up to some closeout Mavic MA40's laying around. So I spread the 126mm rear with a threaded rod to about 128. Didn't want to lose alignment. The wheel fits but you have to hold the rear open a bit. A Stratos rear der. an old Suntour AR front. Some Synchro II Campy shifters real cheaply had from ebay and a Stratos crankset & BB. But what to do about the brakes? I was using 700c rims on a 27" frame so I needed loooong reach brake calipers.I found them on ebay for $7.50. An old pair of Gran-Compes taken off a 1973 frame whose name I don't remember. I mated those up to a pair of early 105 SLR brake levers- Sweet! Bars, stem, chain, headset etc. just fell into place after that. The whole project coundn't have been more than $150 with the stuff I had lying around. I recently upgraded the cassette to exa drive and rebuilt the Synchos w/new g springs. And no I wouldn't race it in the rain. The wheel base is about 41". But the damned thing at just over 23 lbs. is comfortable especially with the addition of an 8 buck Koobi ebay special and is my century choice rain or dry.
Sure they are...Fez
Sep 13, 2003 8:00 AM
Some folks have only one bike and ride it in all kinds of weather.

Other folks have a real nice bike #1 and later got even nicer bike #2. So real nice bike #1 becomes the rain bike.

Guess it doesn't really matter what you ride as long as you get the miles in. I've been thinking about this myself as rain and colder weather are around the corner.
re: POLL: What is Your Rainbike?t5rguy
Sep 13, 2003 2:21 AM
My rainbike: Brands SLX tubing, Suntour Superbe Pro equipped, 7-speed down tube shifters.

No races.

Everything is different, saddle too, only pedals are same as ''numero uno''.

Only problem: I like it too much to use in really bad weather!
What's rain? (I live in So Cal) (nm)CHRoadie
Sep 14, 2003 11:33 AM