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Please help w/ sports nutrition- old school carbo loading Q(7 posts)

Please help w/ sports nutrition- old school carbo loading Qjjdbike
Sep 11, 2003 7:21 PM
I have been training all season. Its been great most of the season, but gone a bit poorly the last 2 weeks, so my form isn't exactly as it should be, but its still pretty good. I am doing a 2 day event next Sat & Sun, 100 miles each day & I want to do them as fast as I can. My Q is does anyone have any resources that they could direct me to about old school carbo loading? Specifically, when & how long to deplete my glycogin & when to boost the carbs in relation the the event in order to "supersaturate" my glycogin stores? That is, do I go low carb Sat-Tue, then go high carbs Wed - Sat AM if my event is that Sat & Sun?
Indeed, it would have to be old school...Dwayne Barry
Sep 12, 2003 2:41 AM
as "carbo-loading" as you speak of it has been disproven. Just cutting back on your volume/intensity for a few days prior to the event should result in full glycogen stores. Certainly, there is no need for the "glycogen depletion" earlier in the week.
Ya, sounds dangerous.Spunout
Sep 12, 2003 5:03 AM
Cutting back on intensity after Tuesday and increasing your eating will boost your glycogen fine for Saturday.

Depletion? Why would anyone do that? You are an athlete, you need fuel!
Take it easy and eat normallybimini
Sep 12, 2003 6:48 AM
From the recent things I have read you should take it easy for the two days before the event and eat normally. You can load up to two hours before the event. Depends on what you eat. You want to have most of the food digested at the start of the event. Pasta and such is fine 3-4 hours before (as long as it's not too much). After that eat & drink high carb sugary stuff to top off just before the event.

One thing about loading . You will deplete the glycogin stores after the first hour of hard pedaling. You will need to take carbs in all during the event or you will have to burn fat stores. The body can only convert fat at a certain rate so you will bonk if you don't take in carbs & food during a distance event. I have heard most people can convert fat at 16 MPH without carbs or bonking. Anything over that and you need additional sources of energy.
agree with others -- don't do itDougSloan
Sep 12, 2003 6:57 AM
I've found you are better off not changing your routine a whole lot. Just make sure you eat plenty of carbos and water the day or so before, then really focus on breakfast and keeping topped off during the event, getting about 300-400 carbo calories per hour. Sustained Energy from Hammer Nutrition works great.

That strategy served me well last weekend ...Humma Hah
Sep 12, 2003 12:21 PM
... 185 miles over 2 days, mostly unpaved 2-track, and I've never done so well relative to the other riders. Stayed in about the first 20-25% both days.

Those insulin-bounce strategies sound, to me, like a really good way to wreck your health and wind up with an insulin-insensitivity problem.
depletion phase is not needed..dotkaye
Sep 12, 2003 2:13 PM
I've done it both ways, starting in the 70's when the original research was published. Carbo depletion leaves you feeling like a bear that just woke up from hibernation, starving and terminally grumpy. Later research has indicated that the depletion phase is not necessary. Read here: