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bike club/team @SFSU(2 posts)

bike club/team @SFSUkanekikapu
Sep 11, 2003 12:36 PM
Cycling team @ SFSU

Hi my name is Stephen, currently a freshman over here at SF state.

This is for all SFSU student interested to start a bike club, and yes, a collegiate cycling team at school. Since I am a freshman so I didn't find much people interested at the idea of a bike club/team =( . but hey if YOU are interested maybe we could start one! (I know there must be few racer at school. just take a look at the fancy bikes at the bike barn..) My general idea of the club is to promote bicycling as a sport on campus and racing in the WCCC (aka West Coast Cycling Conference), which is part of the national collegiate program.

Feel free to email me at if u are interested and want to help. Thanks!

hey StephenThe Human G-Nome
Sep 11, 2003 2:01 PM
i've often wondered why there's no team at SFSU considering how great the cycling is in SF. i'm not a student there, but i am a member of a local cycling/racing team who is currently looking for new riders/racers for next season. if you find it difficult to get your team going, you may want to consider joining forces and going the direction of the NCNCA rather then the WCCC. we're currently looking for racers and potential racers of every level.... 3s,4s,5s, seniors, masters, women's, etc. if you'd like to join our team for a ride or would be interested in discussing the dynamics of our team and a possible integration with SFSU students (hey, my G-fren goes there!), please drop me an email at

ATTN: Raymond or Javier