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Somewhat OT, but since people are sharing...(1 post)

Somewhat OT, but since people are sharing...MShaw
Sep 10, 2003 2:20 PM
I was riding my BMW R1150RT down I5 on the way from Oceanside to Kearny Mesa (about 20-25 mi for those not in SoCal). There I was, JRA at about 75mph, minding my own business. All of a sudden this minivan that was handicap equipped (you know, with the lifted rear end, handicap stickers all over it, etc.) turns on its signal and jams in between me and the car in front of me. Since the minivan was going 80-85, they had to jam on the brakes. I let off the throttle, slowed down, let the minivan do its thing. Well, on goes the blinker again, moving over another lane. By this time, I've looked in my mirrors and noticed that there's nothing behind me for about a football field!

Minivan moves over to the next lane (I'm next to the fast lane). 100m up ahead there's this semi. No worries, minivan's probably trying to get off at the next exit and it'll keep going right.

NOPE! On comes the blinkers and she starts moving over into my lane while I'm riding there! Just for good measure, I honk at her to stop her from migrating over into me. Good thing there wasn't anything behind me 'cause I put my blinkers on and moved over just before she'd have impacted me. She kept on coming even after I'd honked at her!

I figured that I'd better accelerate a bit to keep away from the madwoman, so upped the speed to 80-82mph for a bit. Last I saw her, she was slowed way down over in the right middle lane. Maybe she got scared that she was driving like a nutcase and figured she'd better slow down.

Talk about ticked! It makes me mad that people have their heads up their asses when they're driving.

So, its not just cyclists that the drivers have it out for!

Be careful, pay attention, and keep riding.