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How to remove cartridge bearings?(3 posts)

How to remove cartridge bearings?mlbd
Sep 10, 2003 7:49 AM
How do you remove the cartridge bearings from the hub? This is the front hub of a Spinergy Xaero Lite. I've removed both axle caps but I can't get the bearing cartridges out. I simply want to remove them, wipe down the seals, regrease the seals a bit and put it back together.

re: How to remove cartridge bearings?sievers11
Sep 10, 2003 11:41 AM
Do #3 then #1 and spinergy will probably tell you to #2

1) call up spinergy and ask them how to remove their bearings.

2) get a bearing remover

3) don't bother taking them out unless you are going to replace them. Not really any need. Just clean with a naked cloth and put a little grease on what you can see and get back on the road.
You don't need to remove them, but here's howKerry Irons
Sep 10, 2003 4:52 PM
Assuming this is a design where you can remove the axle, then take a long bolt or rod that is a bit smaller diameter than the axle and slide it into the hub from the opposite side of the bearing you want to remove. Angle the rod so that it catches on the lip on the inside of the bearing. Tap lightly and work your way around the bearing. Chances are it will come out easily. If it doesn't, then it has been pressed in "hard" and you need a gear puller - take it to any machine shop.