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Interesting Way of Routing Shimano Cables(8 posts)

Interesting Way of Routing Shimano CablesPsyDoc
Sep 10, 2003 4:25 AM
This pic is from velonews showing a different approach to routing Shimano cables. Has anyone tried this? If so, was the performance affected?

re: Interesting Way of Routing Shimano Cablesrussw19
Sep 10, 2003 4:33 AM
If you notice, that's IRD Metawire housing... you can only bend housing like this if it's IRD's or Nokon's housing. Regular SIS housing won't make that bend smooth enough to not bind the cable, or even worse, kink it.

Futile effort of a Campy wannabe nmbigrider
Sep 10, 2003 4:50 AM
Looks kinda' silly......................nmMR_GRUMPY
Sep 10, 2003 5:03 AM
Yes, SILLY......................nmJBergland
Sep 10, 2003 8:20 AM
How bout mounting avid rollamajigs to make the turnHedgehog
Sep 10, 2003 6:57 AM
might look goofy though.
one of the primary reasons I prefer Ergo... alsoDougSloan
Sep 10, 2003 8:26 AM
Are those carbon brake calipers on that bike?
Works well and there is a reason for it....zero85ZEN
Sep 10, 2003 9:57 AM
I have this setup on my rear Dura Ace STI lever (I use a downtube for the FD.) The reason for doing this when using IRD Metawire cable housing or Nokon housing is becaue those housings will sag if you route the cables the standard way. The shifting is not affected and it actually looks very clean. At first I didn't like the looks of it but I've grown to actually prefer this look now. It is just different and that is why, at first, people often react negativly to it.