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Out on the Road for my 1st Ride........(1 post)

Out on the Road for my 1st Ride........Reed Weedakowski
Sep 10, 2003 3:20 AM
After purchacing a new Klein Aura X I was wanting to get out and ride. Problem... my friends are all mountain bikers. Trixie's road bike will be here in about 1 week so that's out. I can't wait. Trixie has an idea. She will put the mountain bikes in the van and drive to the trail head. I will ride the "X" to there, stash it in the van and do a mountain ride with her, then ride the "X" home. Whoa.... why didn't I think of that? It went well. Some things that became apparent quickly,........ acceleration (wow), speed, real speed, hopping curbs and cutting through rough short cuts is not to be. The rules of the road apply! After all these years riding trails, having to ride in traffic was weird. I mean I do it in a car but on the bike required some focus. All in all I had a great time. This could turn into a routine.