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Problems with Wrench Science(2 posts)

Problems with Wrench Scienceinsmanblue
Sep 9, 2003 7:03 PM
I ordered a Kestrel Talon with Campy from this outfit. I discovered that they did not use grease on the headset, cables, or binder bolt. In fact the binder bold was striped when I received the bike and I was looking at a $3000 ornament until two weeks later the bolt was sent by Kestrel. I emailed and told them about the problem and they responded like hey were human and didn't offer any appolgies. They have a good web site but based on my experience I cannot recommend them. Has anyone else experience a problem like this?
I had a great experience with them a year and a half ago,sn69
Sep 9, 2003 7:52 PM
but Tim's comments about "being human" don't really make amends for their sloppy build. Likewise, I've noticed a lot of bikes on their site built well beyond reasonable stack heights for carbon steer tube forks.

In my experience, Tim was responsive and really concerned about customer service. Perhaps after a deep, cleansing breath you can discuss the issues with him again and seek a satisfactory solution.

Good luck,