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Can't ride for a month: unusual posts sure to follow.(2 posts)

Can't ride for a month: unusual posts sure to follow.Synchronicity
Sep 9, 2003 6:00 PM
The doc has told me to lay off using my wrist for 1 month. I have to wear this brace thing after receiving cortizone injection(s).
All this started 9 months ago when I broke my left wrist. Well technically, some silly git in a car broke it for me! He suddenly swerved in front of me, then just as suddenly stopped and parked directly in front of me!! I was only doing about 10 mph, but I think my fingers hit the top of the kerb/gutter, the fingers & my hand bent back as far as they could, and then..... SNAP!!
Dr Zachery Smith quote: "Ohhhh... the pain, the pain!"

I had to have an operation & metal screw inserted to hold the bits of radius bones back together. It took about 10 weeks before I could ride. I had never fully recovered -even after 4 or 5 months- the road shock went straight up my wrist, even with my fully-carbon bike.
Anyway, I go back to the doc a few weeks ago because I believed my recovery had "plateaued"; still couldn't pick up anything over about 5 lbs without it hurting. I knew my other scaphoid fracture didn't take that long to heal.

Pity, just as I really was getting fit for our summer down under & lately the wrist wasn't too bad on the bike.

Not looking for your sympathy; just take care of yourselves!

I see some silly things that cyclists do sometimes. It's bad enough when you're riding along totally innocent and come-a-cropper. Imagine what could happen to you if you lane-split in traffic & run through red lights all the time?
It has made me really adjust where & when & how I ride my bike. Hope this makes just one of you think of "consequences".

Oh boy, I've got too much time on my hands. Think I'll get an indoor trainer or something.
I can feel your pain . . .ms
Sep 10, 2003 6:34 AM
Since a fall on July 3 and a broken humerus, I have been under doctor's orders not to ride outside. Although I have had a few rides on the road (including a 70 mile one on Sunday), I largely have followed my doctor's orders. I have been riding for 30-60 minutes per day on the indoor trainer 5 or 6 days per week. Although the trainer is not my favorite form of recreation, it has kept me in relatively good shape. I was able to keep up with the pack on my Sunday ride on the climbs, although my descending skills have evaporated. Get a trainer, get some race tapes and ride -- even if you have to do it indoors. When you finally get to ride outside, the ride will be all the sweeeter.