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how young can a kid ride a tricycle?(45 posts)

how young can a kid ride a tricycle?DougSloan
Sep 9, 2003 9:42 AM
How young, or in terms of development, can a child be introduced to a small tricycle? I have a 15 month old who is very physically active, running, climbing, up and down stairs, etc. Any ideas? Thanks.

re: how young can a kid ride a tricycle?spankdoggie
Sep 9, 2003 9:49 AM
I would be very careful. If the kid is on a tricycle, make sure he is supervised at all times. I remember riding a tricycle at the age of five, and I went off of a little curb and landed on my nose. I never thought about putting my hands out. Put a helmet on the little bastard (I say that with love), and then keep a very close watch...
LOL nmJS Haiku Shop
Sep 9, 2003 9:50 AM
judgement callJS Haiku Shop
Sep 9, 2003 9:54 AM
does a helmet fit? hate to agree with spanky, but i'd say that if all the signs are there (some coordination, activity, and intrest), then it's your call.

i've been trying to get mine to pedal anything--we have so many "pedal-able" outside toys around that it's sickening--and all he wants to do is either push them and run, or shuttle to the top of the driveway and downhill to the bottom. maybe he's the next gravity games champ.

got lawn? scalp the grass in a line in the back yard, put a lid on the kid, and turn 'em loose!
yep, teaching them to pedal is the issueTNSquared
Sep 9, 2003 10:01 AM
My 3 year old has been extremely active from the get go, but only in the last several weeks has she caught on to pedaling at all. Like J junior, she pushes, pulls and even sits and does a "Fred Flinstone" to move her tricycle, but pedaling is just now beginning. For some reason youngsters want to go back and forth with the pedal motion rather than completed the spin. Also, peer pressure in the form of slightly older kids riding around seems to work miracles.

good luck!
yup...imitating the older kids really gets them going quick (nm)ColnagoFE
Sep 9, 2003 10:54 AM
doesn't seem to help haiku jr. (he doesn't care) nmJS Haiku Shop
Sep 9, 2003 10:56 AM
do they still make the Big Wheel?gtx
Sep 9, 2003 9:56 AM
I was trying to figure this out recently but couldn't find anything. The low center of gravity on these is nice. Looks like Huffy re-issued a version of the Green Machine, but that looks like it would only work for bigger kids.
Green Machine.spankdoggie
Sep 9, 2003 10:02 AM
The Green Machine is the single most important invention that has ever been invented. I remember on Christmas Day, me and my brother were crying with joy at our new Green Machines. You can spin out like a bastard in those things. The Big Wheel is for chumps. It is all about the Green Machine. We were nine or ten years old though... The Green Machine is for real boys.
Sep 9, 2003 10:19 AM
Ahh yes, the Green Machine. The single coolest pedalable thing ever put on this planet. I would trade both my bikes for an adult-sized version of the green machine (but only if it spins out like the original).

I'll never forget the Christmas morning when I ran downstairs and found the Green Machine sitting under the tree. The mountain of other toys I received was completely ignored.

Thanks y'all, you really have brought back some great memories. *NM*Mudman
Sep 9, 2003 10:28 AM
The new Green Machine---I'm buying oneFatnslow
Sep 9, 2003 11:16 AM
Just looked on Huffy's site and I can't believe that new Green Machine. It has brakes, a freewheel, and a metal frame, BUT IT STILL SPINS OUT!!!!

I'm gettin' one for my little girl, granted, she won't be able to ride it for a good long time.
I checked it out too. It looks awesome! n/tspankdoggie
Sep 9, 2003 11:32 AM
Heh, a recumbent for the young'n..nmasphalt assault
Sep 9, 2003 11:52 AM
Alpha International now makes the Big Wheelgtx
Sep 9, 2003 12:40 PM
yours for $45
Razor makes a pretty cool one too: Scream MachineColnagoFE
Sep 9, 2003 12:58 PM
re: how young can a kid ride a tricycle?Aztec
Sep 9, 2003 9:57 AM
I bought my son one at 18 months and he was real excited at first but would really only sit on it and ring the bell. It had a long handle off the back for me to hold and guide him around. We did some rides like this but he wouldn't put his feet on the pedals so we eventually parked it in the garage with my bikes and it sat for awhile.

Fast forward to this summer. He's now 2 1/2 and is just now getting interested in riding it again. He's trying to figure out how to make it go and we practice every day. He's still not self propelled however.

I think a lot depends on other kids in the neighborhood (at least it does for us). A older girl down the street just started riding her trike and I think this is what's motivating him.

Go ahead and get him one. If it has an adjustable seat he won't grow out of it anytime soon.
re: how young can a kid ride a tricycle?spankdoggie
Sep 9, 2003 9:58 AM
I would also carry a camera around so you can photograph the first time the kid falls underneath the tricycle. Share the moment.
re: how young can a kid ride a tricycle?shrEd
Sep 9, 2003 9:59 AM
Don't know (we're DITD's, dual income, two dogs), but you should get him/her this:
no wayDougSloan
Sep 9, 2003 10:05 AM
No way I'd spend that on a trike; however, I could build one out of iron pipe and paint "Litespeed" on it; he'd never know the difference. ;-)

He has a well-fitting helmet. He actually goes and gets it and tries to put it on when we ride the tandem with the seat on the back.


How much are those things? nmNo_sprint
Sep 9, 2003 10:29 AM
$850 nmshrEd
Sep 9, 2003 10:54 AM
LOL You've got to be kidding! nmNo_sprint
Sep 9, 2003 11:01 AM
Litespeed? He'd know the differenceStraightblock
Sep 9, 2003 11:05 AM
Build it out of iron pipe, but paint it Celeste. He's never seen anything else, has he?
Does Bianchi make trikes?The Walrus
Sep 9, 2003 10:07 AM
Can't imagine you turning your offspring loose on something that isn't celeste.

If not, I say get him the Litespeed, or wait until he's ready for a two-wheeler...
As young as their little legs will allow them to.wasabekid
Sep 9, 2003 10:23 AM
It sounds like he is a well coordinated little guy. Once you think he can reach the pedals, get a trike. Remember not to push but lead and let him satisfy his curiosisty.

If you want him to preserve his "mommy's good looks" and not end up looking like you, get him a good helmet and provide constant supervision. :-)

Once he learns how to pedal, make sure you teach him:
1) how to stop - trust me, these little guys are natural daredevils
2) how to make turns (you know, scrub some speed and lean (into), approaching a turn and apply monster stomps once at the apex).

trike with cliplesswitcomb
Sep 9, 2003 10:24 AM
Get him some clipless pedals, strap him into the bike, he'll get the pedalling motion sooner or later.
That's the funniest post I've read in awhile (nm)jma24
Sep 9, 2003 10:35 AM
better yet, duct tape his feet to the pedals....theweasonator
Sep 9, 2003 10:41 AM
Just don't let Mommy see this....It's much cheaper and easier than clipless pedals and getting him the right size shoes.
especially down hills ;-) nmDougSloan
Sep 9, 2003 11:57 AM
2 to 3 yearsMR_GRUMPY
Sep 9, 2003 10:27 AM
Get one of those plastic ones that can be replaced every year or two. I can remember when my oldest kid was that age. All the other kids had Big Wheels, or Green Machines. He wanted to be different, so I found him one that had a steel tubular frame and big plastic wheels. Because his bike was heavier, he could ram the other bikes without causing any damage. (to his bike)
both my kids skipped the tricycle stageColnagoFE
Sep 9, 2003 10:52 AM
We had a really cool trike for the youngest but he never really took to it. It was always too big for him. He seemed He's now 2 and flying all over the place on his 12" wheel bike w/ training wheels. He loves his brother's Razor scooter too. The oldest (now 8) started about the same time and was riding without training wheels by 3. He's now doing some easy MTB trails with me.
We skipped the trikeTWD
Sep 9, 2003 12:17 PM
We never got my son a real trike. We got him one of those plastic ones that doesn't have any pedals and let him scoot around on it. Can't remember when we got him that, but it was around 1 year old.

We got him a 12" two wheeler with training wheels for his second birthday. It took him about a week to get the hang of pedaling (always wanted to back pedal and hit the coaster brake). Within two weeks he was doing laps around the car in our driveway. Two months after he got it, he could pedal pretty darn good, so we let him do the kiddie kilo at a local crit. He finished the whole kilometer too.

You can start em early, just let them go at your own pace and don't force it. Some kids like it and some don't. Chances are he sees you heading out for rides, and will want to be just like dad by riding his own bike.

And yes, supervision is good. They are daredevils. We just moved recently and we caught my son pushing his bike up the ramp on the moving van so that he could turn around and zoom down it.

I can't wait until he is old enough to ride on one of those trail a bike things, or on a child stoker kit on our tandem.

Right now, he still likes riding in the trailer, so I get the added power work on the hills.
Google search says three years (nm)Turtleherder
Sep 9, 2003 12:57 PM
Young prodigyCRM
Sep 9, 2003 1:20 PM
Just thought I'd take this opportunity to brag about my nephew. He's 4 and riding a two-wheeler without training wheels. They came off about a month ago and within days he was hopping curbs and riding out of the saddle on hills. He went for an 11-mile rail trail ride with my Dad and THEN came home and played in the backyard all afternoon while Dad took a nap. All this on a bike that weighs more than mine! Five tour victories is just the beginning . . . :)
Does anyone remember The Chopperoo??? nm.Sao
Sep 9, 2003 2:43 PM
2.5 years... first good ride tonight!!! nmEndure
Sep 9, 2003 4:15 PM
when he is 7 you can get him one of these........BNA_roadie
Sep 9, 2003 4:15 PM
What happened to your door? not the factory finish is it? nmMg1
Sep 10, 2003 4:55 AM
I'm guessing BB gun, generally aimed at doorknob. nmBrooks
Sep 10, 2003 11:01 AM
nashville? nmJS Haiku Shop
Sep 10, 2003 5:03 AM
Where and how much?ColnagoFE
Sep 10, 2003 7:25 AM
Is that a 24" wheel bike? Cool. Just picked up a 24" dual suspension MTB for my 8 year old's b-day. He can just barely ride it, but all the other kids had 24" so he wanted one too. He was riding 20" before.
Where and how much?BNA_roadie
Sep 10, 2003 1:53 PM
Gran Fondo Bicyles, Belle Meade, Nashville, Tennessee.615-354-1090 Lynn Greer and it cost ~800.00
re: how young can a kid ride a tricycle?TNRyder
Sep 9, 2003 7:09 PM
My youngest (28 months) can ride the Italian trike that they have at the local bike shop, but her little legs aren't long enough to reach the pedals on the Huffy that Grandma gave them. It must be the steeper geometry on the Italian bike, More of a racing trike with quicker steering.

I say just make it available to him, he will make the decision on when he wants to try riding it. My oldest has very little interest in riding, but my youngest is constantly trying to ride something.
yes, Nashville and the door........BNA_roadie
Sep 10, 2003 1:50 PM
is in my shop. My shop serves several purposes, including a firing range for my Airsoft weapons, wood working, wrenching and hiding from the family. Yes, they are 24" wheels.