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Killer Kreitler Question?(7 posts)

Killer Kreitler Question?sievers11
Sep 9, 2003 9:03 AM
Your input would be greatly appreciated...

This is not a question of wither I should get Kreitler Rollers or not, but
rather which Kreitlers I should get. I was playing on some rollers at LBS the other day, no hands, one foot, fun stuff and rollers have an
amazing taking a warm bath vs a cold shower.

Poly Vs. Alloy .... The sales/rep for Kreitler guy I talked to said it way a myth that they alloy lasted longer, they have never seen a band wear through the plastic poly caps on rollers with 50,000 miles. He said the alloy just looks cool and is more trick, thus more

Size 4.5, 3.0 or 2.25 .... He recommended the 3 inchers for me as a cat 3. I want to be a player, will 3.0 inchers make be a player or a wimp.
They know this (but they couldn't give me wattage)...4.5 with no fan or
flywheels is the standard 4.5 = 0%, 3.0 = 30% more resistance, 2.25 = 50% more resistance. Do the smaller sizes ride as smooth as the larger ones?

The Killer .... Seriously do I need the headwind, cooling, adjustable
resistance, but loud. Can I get 350 watts without a fan?

I am contemplating the Poly 3.0 or the Poly 2.25 and no fan (for now). I am also leaning towards the 2.25s, what do you think?
roller keysievers11
Sep 9, 2003 9:06 AM
Alloy and Challengar = 4.5 in. diameter rollers
Lyte = 3 in. diameter rollers
Myte = 2.25 in. diameter rollers

Poly = AL with Plastic Caps
Dyno = All Alloy
re: Killer Kreitler Question?MKD
Sep 9, 2003 9:12 AM
I am not a racer and I am unsure about power wattage. I usually ride about 150 miles a week. I am very happy with my 2.25, I got the Dyno-Mytes. They are very smooth to me. I ride with a double, 12/27, and can easily do recovery rides without being in my lowest gear. I also can gear up and do tempo and interval training with no problems and get my HR 190's. I use a regular fan to keep me cool, I don't see me getting the killer headwind unit since the resistance is plenty for me. Plus it is more difficult to store and is louder. You definitely need a fan to keep you cool indoors.
I have the poly-lytes and like them quite a bit.djg
Sep 9, 2003 9:38 AM
Frankly, I don't know what your work-load demands are, but if I put it in a big gear and get the RPMs up I'm working hard and my heart rate shows it. I don't have a power meter and neither know nor care about my wattage, so I cannot help you there. Two things I can say are: (a) I cannot see any appreciable wear in the end caps at all and I think it's going to be plenty more than a few years before I flip them, much less replace them and (b) you don't need to make a decision about the headwind up front--you can get the rollers and see what you think. I sure don't need it but maybe you would. Oh yeah, I find the poly-lytes to be very smooth--never tried the mytes.
re: Killer Kreitler Question?LD
Sep 9, 2003 10:16 AM
I picked up a set oft he 4.5 poly rollers with the headwind on ebay this winter. I really enjoy the headwind unit, although it is quite loud. There's something nice about powering your own cooling system while riding.

I don't know anything about wattage, but I can cetainly tire myself out doing intervals on with this setup.
maybe you bought them from meishmael
Sep 9, 2003 11:18 AM
Wind is nice but loud. If I were you I'd get the smallest rollers you could, ride outside in the winter and take off clothes as you need to; it gets really hot.
re: Killer Kreitler Question?babyhuey77
Sep 9, 2003 9:32 PM
I have the Dyno-Myte all alloy 2.25" rollers and they rock. They are smooth like butter and you can feel an increase in the resistance between these and the larger drums. I do not have a power meter yet, it is on order so I can't offer you any information on that. What I can offer you is that you do not pay retail for Kreitler rollers. I bought mine here on roadbikereview in June for $210 shipped. Do yourself a favor and look on e-bay and here, there are always some for sale.