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Refinish project completed.......and failed(2 posts)

Refinish project completed.......and failedJervis
Sep 9, 2003 8:26 AM
A few months ago I posted a series of threads regarding my frame, it's condition, my plans to redo the finish. I found it in the lake near where I go to school and, needless to say, the paint was in pretty shoddy condition. So me and a couple of buds took it over to the carwash and had it pressure washed, getting the vast majority of the paint to come off. This is pretty much where the project stopped only to be continued again (solo effort this time) near the middle of July. I started hitting all the major scratches with 220 and eventually worked my way up through the grits (by 200s) all the way up to 2000 grit. This was followed by a cloth wheel and some emry rubbing compound on a pneumatic die grinder(don't use a drill, you'll burn out the motor). Sooooo I get the frame and cranks to the point where you can check your helmet hair in them. I mean this thing is shiny, and coupled with Cannondales super smooth welds it looked phenomenal. I ordered some black Canny stickers from my local shop and one evening proceded to apply the stickers and clear coat the frame with some clearcoat I had left over from when I repainted my car. this is when things start go go awry. I put the decals on, and truly wanted to leave it as it was. But noooo, I had to go and clear coat it. So I got the frame all preped and hung, along with the newly painted fork and polished cranks, and proceded to spray. Well first thing to go wrong was the crappy quality of my dad's spray gun. We broke his good one on the car project, but I figured this one would be sufficient. Wrong. Second, the air pressure out of the compressor was all wrong, coupled with the wrong settings on the gun valves. So after I finished I went to bed royaly pissed at the end finish, but I figured I could do some refinishing work on it tomorrow after work. I come home from work and begin sanding on the cranks, which I thought would be easiest. I sit down with the non drive side and a chunk of 2000 grit and delicately begin smoothing out the slight orange peel finish. Not five minutes into the task I notice a scuff I had missed on the metal before I coated it, but then realized that it wasn't there before, it was fresh from the 2000 grit. The clearcoat was simply flaking off. I'm usually a calm person. Things just don't bother me. But I was on the verge of tossing the crank out into the middle of the street. I went in to work on the frame a bit, and the same thing happened. The really crappy part is I couldn't even salvage the $20 set of decals, they adhered with the clear coat quite nicely and came off in small chunks. Apparently the finish was too fine for the paint to stick. I re-polished the frame, and it still looks great, but never will it look as nice as it did. I've noticed a few people asking about frame finishes on both ti and aluminum, so pleeaase learn from my folly. I plan on waxing the frame to prevent corrosion/scratching so I will update as needed. Pics to follow if I can get them loaded.
Sep 9, 2003 9:35 AM
Here's my baby after the mediocre job we did on it the first time.
Head tube, this is my favorite part of the whole frame. The welds are absoultely gorgeous.
The bottom bracket looked sweet as well.
On the dropouts you can still see quite a few gouges, but the ones just to the right of the weld are factory grind marks and the one on the chain stay was already there. I didn't polish these as much as the rest of the frame.
This sticker (the only thing on the whole frame with color) really stood out
A vew from the back
And my absolute favorite pic
Sorry, but I just realized I don't have a picture of the whole bike completed, but I threw on black bar tape, a black big chain ring, and a black Salsa stem to set the whole thing off. Now to get rid of the grungy wheels.....