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born nutritional products(2 posts)

born nutritional productsmaurizio
Sep 9, 2003 7:48 AM
Anyone ever try born nutritional products?
Where can I find more info on them? The web seems to be vacant.
They are from Holland.
Very large bucks for small (if any) benefit?cory
Sep 9, 2003 7:59 AM
Ahh, the unending quest for miracles... Don't know anything about that specific brand except that it exists. That whole industry, though, is rife with misrepresentation, huge price markups and bogus science. I've done several stories on it over the years, and the medical consensus is that, since your body uses nutrients on a molecular level, most claims about "natural" and other supposed advantages are meaningless. Sugar is natural, arsenic occurs naturally, tobacco is natural...
Same with huge doses of protein, vitamin C or any other nutrient. You need ENOUGH, but enough is less than the miracle-makers want you to believe (and pay for).
Read the ads and testimonials very skeptically. Whenever you hear about somebody who won Olympic gold or lost 200 pounds or found lifetime sex through some miracle supplement, you'll also find that he cut his calorie consumption in half, spent six hours a day training, something like that.