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5.9 pics from carbon110??? where are they?? +question(2 posts)

5.9 pics from carbon110??? where are they?? +questionandy02
Sep 9, 2003 7:40 AM
Are you going to post pics of the 5.9 today?? How does it compare to the 5900 or a lemond/Klien??
re: 5.9 pics from carbon110??? where are they?? +questionCARBON110
Sep 9, 2003 8:12 AM
One of the local heros took it out until Thurs. the shop said they would call me when he bring it back in. It will be here for a month at the LBS. I promise to take alot of good pics for everyone on Thurs. I ride a 52cm but they said maybe they can set it up so I can ride it for a day with my pedals but I will probably need some high heals to really fit on it LOL. this means I will get to ride a bike Lance has been on, how cool is that shiat. I really like the Klein Pro Q carbon and Lemonds Titanium OCLV carbon combo is a super nice bike, but neither have the assets or feel the 5900 has. Its just that much more responsive to me. The 5.9 Madone though is much more stiff then the 5900 but the mold is new unusual and easy on the eyes :D Now, Trek put OCLV 110 in the Titanium Lemond to add stiffness and comfort with the feel of Titanium up front. The klein is similar to Giant carbon in that its more thermo plasctic like. But the Madone has new curves everywhere, even on the seat stays it curves and has unusual but sensible lines. The top tube and seat tube are just plain cool and feel more solid then a regular OCLV...I expect you will see Lance on it alot next year. By the way I hope you guys are anticipating Bontragers new line of wheels next year, they are going to make a break through I think...and will be lighter anything we have seen yet