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Why is this not a good deal???(3 posts)

Why is this not a good deal???hawayyan1
Sep 8, 2003 7:32 PM
This Pinarello Prince frame has been on the board a few days now. Why hasn't anybody bid on this? Seems the frame normally would be well over $2,000, so why would a small ding affect it's resale so much? I'm thinking about it, but could someone with more experience please comment on this deal. I don't want to do something dumb.
A few thingsgeeker
Sep 8, 2003 7:52 PM
1) I wouldn't want to buy an expensive item from a seller with feedback of 5;
2) Didn't look carefully, but the seller doesn't seem to have included a pic of the ding. I'd want to see one;
3) Not clear what the reserve price is, in any event.

FWIW, has a NOS 2002 Prince (57cm) for $1695.
my thoughtsspookyload
Sep 8, 2003 7:55 PM
1. Why does he have a "new" frame with a rear deraileur, chain, BB, and front deraileur installed?

2. Pretty high end frame for a person to be selling, not a shop if new.

3. He showed lots of pictures of the frame, but none of the flaw that is listed in the description.

4. Last month he sold the same size Fuji frame as almost unused, so must like buying frames and taking a loss.

5. People in the market for super high end want new, not someones flawed second hand frames.

6. He uses caps lock in all his adds, and that pisses people off.

If you are really looking for a Prince, have him send a picture of the frame where it is damaged. Take it to a shop and let them tell you if it is a factor. You will obviously get no warranty from Pinarello, so cross your fingers. You might think about getting the buyers insurance from paypal just incase anyways. I have no idea what his reserve is, but throw up to $700 and see what happens. I probably wouldn't go higher on a damaged frame.