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Weight distribution between seat, hands, and pedals.(1 post)

Weight distribution between seat, hands, and pedals.mk_42
Sep 8, 2003 4:42 PM
Does anybody know what the "ideal" weight distribution between the hands, feet, and butt are on the bike? Does anybody know? Does anybody have load cells and too much spare time? Another method to measure it?

About front to back distribution:
I've heard vague things like "the back should be more weighted" but never any real numbers. I measured it on my bike and found that it's about 45/55 without the rider and with me in the saddle or just barely off (changing only when I stand up). Anybody care to volunteer and measure their ride? Big bonus points if your setup is a pretty "standard" fit. Just get a scale and something that's equally high so if you put the bike on the scale and the thing it's level. With the bike level like that put one wheel on the scale, climb on and measure, then turn around and do it with the other wheel. It will be easier if you do it near a wall for balance or if you have someone help.

Why am I doing this?
I work in a testing lab and I'm in a position to instrument and measure the dynamic response of my bike. Why do I want to do that? Partly just curiosity and partly I want to try and quantify some of these "harsh ride" comments people make. I'll be able to measure how much shock absorption the frame, wheel, and tire realy have.