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Yet another newbie bike fit question(2 posts)

Yet another newbie bike fit questionFatnslow
Sep 8, 2003 6:26 AM
Hello all,

Picked up my Klein on Friday and rode it for a few (15) miles on Saturday to see where I was in terms of comfort/fit. Here's what I came away with.

The only real discomfort I'm having is in my elbows. After about 7 miles they were really letting me know that they were not happy.

My back felt OK except for some minor tightness in my lower back at the end of the ride. For now, I'm chalking that up to not having ridden in about a year (not even my mountain sad is that?).

I also experienced some butt pain, but I'll experiment with some seat position to see if that gets alleviated.

For now, my concern is my elbows because , at the end of my ride, the pain was almost unbearable.

Since I didn't have the time when I picked up the bike to get it properly fitted, I'll have to take it back when I have a spare moment. For now, no adjustments have been made so maybe you can help me.

The bike is a Klein Q Carbon Race with a sloping top tube. Its a 61cm bike and I stand 6'1 1/2" tall with a 32" inseam. One thing I have noticed is that the seat is adjusted fully forward on the rails. Should this be where I begin?

Also, I weigh 250 pounds...could the elbow pain be related to my weight and the relative newness (to me) of the road riding position?

Thanks for your help.
fit info...C-40
Sep 8, 2003 6:33 AM
Go to and read up on basic fitting methods. Setting the saddle fore/aft position and height is the first thing to do. Setting the knee over the pedal spindle is a starting point only.

The saddle must be lowered .3cm for each 1cm that the saddle is moved back to maintain the same leg extension. After that's done, ride it and see if comfort is iomproved. A saddle that's too far forward will place too much weight on the hands.