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Effect of two month on the indoor trainer . . .(1 post)

Effect of two month on the indoor trainer . . .ms
Sep 8, 2003 5:30 AM
Since I fell and broke my shoulder on July 3, I have been under doctor's orders not to ride outside; I only am "allowed" to ride on the indoor trainer. I have been riding indoors on the trainer with only a few outdoor rides(slow, short, flat rides) until yesterday. A group of guys with whom I ride from time to time twisted my arm (not that they had to twist too hard) to go for a 70 mile, hilly ride. I now know what the effect of my two month vacation from the road is: (1) My descending skills have evaporated. I used to be one of the better descenders in the group; I was the slowest guy on the downhills yesterday. (2) My aerobic fitness may be better than it was before my fall. I was not winded on any of the climbs, even ones where I would have been winded before my fall. (3) The trainer has maintained my strength, but real climbing uses more or different muscles than the trainer. In other words, my legs and butt were aching by the end of the ride.

And, I almost forgot to mention the obvious: The mental health advantages of the road ride far outweighed any pains of the ride (my shoulder feels like hell this morning). The trainer is helping to maintain my fitness, but I cannot wait until my doctor certifies me as "road ready" (I see him again at the beginning of October) and I can put the trainer away until January or February.