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How long been involved in cycling?(20 posts)

How long been involved in cycling?tmotz
Sep 7, 2003 6:47 PM
I did alot of riding as a little kid.
Won some races between 1984-1986.
Graduated from high school in 85 and began riding less.
Early last year started up again and don't plan on stopping this time.
started at threeishmael
Sep 7, 2003 7:17 PM
but didn't start dressing up till four years ago.
34 yearsMariowannabe
Sep 8, 2003 4:36 AM
Got a Schwinn Continental when I was 11 (you know, the Varsity with the chrome fork). A year later it was stolen and I used my paper-route money to buy an Atala w/ cheap Campy. Raced my first race that summer (1969) and won. Its been down-hill (figuratively) ever since.
20 Years.MR_GRUMPY
Sep 8, 2003 4:37 AM
18 years - as a "serious" rider (nm)stratoshark
Sep 8, 2003 4:56 AM
31 yearsMel Erickson
Sep 8, 2003 5:23 AM
A friend came back from the service in Germany and got me into riding in 1972. I built my first bike from a French Stella frame and never looked back. BTW, I still have the Stella frame.
37 years, with several years off here and there. It'sOldEdScott
Sep 8, 2003 6:49 AM
been six years since my last sabbatical, which lasted about three years.
36 years and still counting. nmJuanmoretime
Sep 8, 2003 5:57 AM
6 months, not counting prior piddlin' around - what a rookie!TNSquared
Sep 8, 2003 6:13 AM
I did a few triathlons years ago and did the minimum required riding, and I owned varoius bikes as a kid - but nothing I would count.

Bought my bike in February of this year, and bought pedals for it in March. Things got quite a bit easier in March. :)
6 month category as wellwitcomb
Sep 8, 2003 7:14 AM
I got into Mountain biking in the spring and fell in love with cycling, only problem is Mountain biking can't be done from my doorway. So I bought myself a TCR2 in June and have been loving every minute of it. I'm out road riding at least 3 times a week not including Mountain biking, I really wish there were more days in a week.

- Neil
3 yearsCHRoadie
Sep 8, 2003 7:41 AM
Bought myself a bike for my 29th birthday because I was getting chubby. I'm 5'11", and I was up to 187 lbs, which might not sound like much, but I've got a light frame that doesn't carry that much weight very well, and it was the heaviest I've ever been. I'm down to 155 lbs now, and feeling much better!
45 years. (nm)Humma Hah
Sep 8, 2003 8:22 AM
re: How long been involved in cycling?toomanybikes
Sep 8, 2003 8:48 AM

If you count the fact that I used to race the other kids in the neighbourhood on my Tricycle - 40 years!

First bike was a real nice single speed CCM, from there to a Raleigh with Sturmey-Archer hub ( wish I still had that bike) and then a series of progressively finer racing bikes, until I got married, then no new bikes for a number of years - now back on the treadmill.

First racing bike was probably 23 years ago - pretty regular rider since then.
20 years nmgtx
Sep 8, 2003 9:08 AM
52 yearsJimP
Sep 8, 2003 10:33 AM
I started riding when I was 8, delivering newspapers. I graduated to a "3-speed" and did some distance riding and bicycle camping in the 1950s. I continued to upgrade to 10-speeds in the 60s and to a Fuji S-12-S in 1980. I raced triathlons 1982-1991 on a Cannondale and now enjoy riding for pleasure on an Aegis CF bike. I have ridden with folks in their 80s that make me hope that I can last that long and ride like they do.

2 yrsgrammy
Sep 8, 2003 12:15 PM
Rode every street in Houlton,ME as an 8 year old on my shiny blue Western Flyer. Rode a Raleigh Record to work in Cambridge,MA during the gas crisis in the early 70's. At age 51, my sweet husband bought me a Trek comfort bike as a "graduation" present when our youngest of 3 graduated from high school. Two months later, a friend lent me a road bike and I was a kid again! Since then my husband has bought me 3 road bikes, we rode our first century together last month, I ride 35 miles or so 4 days a week. Is this a great sport or what?
re: How long been involved in cycling?MrCelloBoy
Sep 8, 2003 12:34 PM
40 yrs.
First (one-pedal, fixed gear) bike age 8. East Oakland
First bike stolen from me, age 12.
First DC, Davis Double, 1974
First tour, SF to Banff to SF. 1975
First tandem 1995
CA Triple Crown and most recent double, 2002
31 years in "organized" cyclingDale Brigham
Sep 8, 2003 1:12 PM
First raced in '72 at age 16. Rode regularly and enthusiatically on 3-speed Schwinn "Racer" for several years preceding that. Remember getting into big trouble as 4 or 5 year old for riding too far out of neighborhood in College Station, TX. Just a preview of a budding compulsion that continues to get me into trouble to this day.
re: How long been involved in cycling?Sao
Sep 8, 2003 1:50 PM
The first bike I ever rode was my sister's Raleigh ten-speed from the late '60s. I was 5, so it was a little big. When my parents saw me riding a ten-speed down the road at a 45 degree angle with my leg through the diamond, they decided to buy me a bike. She still has that Raleigh.

A few phases in the teenage and young adult years found me toying with cycling a bit but I was a runner then. I remember riding my old road bike to college a few times (about a 40-45 mile round trip) but probably wore running shoes and a t-shirt.

Many years passed...and then.....

I bought a mountain bike in 1997 and rode it everywhere for 5 years (usually on the road because everybody seemed to have mountain bikes and I didn't know any better). I bought a road bike in spring 2002 and consider this the first serious cycling I have ever really done.

I still run, too. And I hope I can ride forever.

May, 1980....right after the divorce :)coonass
Sep 8, 2003 6:14 PM
and not counting the adolescent years spent on a bike. I got married and divorced again, but the bike rules!!!! Now it's just me, two Waterford 2200s, a Trek 8000 & the grandkids...(I forgot to mention: NO MALLS!!!)

Ride to work, work to live, live to ride!!!!!