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First Punctured Tire(3 posts)

First Punctured Tirewitcomb
Sep 7, 2003 5:41 PM
Nearing the end of my ride today, I got a puncture. I had obviously ridden over something, there is a hole ~3mm in diameter in the tube. There was also a slit though the sidewall of the tire which is ~5mm long. Now, my question, is this tire garbage and had I had a spare with me at the time could have still been able to ride it home?

Also, does anyone have recommendations on jersey pumps? Has anyone used the CO2 pumps? I find hard to justify spending as much money filling the tube as I would for the tube, but there is a dual purpose on by Topeak which I'm liking.

- Neil
He's dead Jim (I mean Neil)Scot_Gore
Sep 7, 2003 7:08 PM
From your description of the damage, the tires toast (IMHO).

I once had something (I never saw it) rip a hole the size of my thumb nail out of the side of my tire. Both the side wall and tube were flapping in a C shaped tear. I had a spare tube, but not a tire. I folded up a new five dollar bill and used it like a boot. I managed to ride it 5 miles to an LBS. It may have gotten me home (about 25 miles at the time).

CO2 is like Gu packs, it's more about convenence and space than money. You could carry real food, bananas, chocolate bars, etc, and it'd be cheaper or you could carry expensive sport food. It's a choice.

He's dead Jim (I mean Neil)witcomb
Sep 8, 2003 3:11 AM
Well, I guess it is time to start shopping for a tire now. What a disappointment, it was only the other week that a friend was saying how lucky I've been not to get a flat. I guess my time was up.

- Neil