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New to roadbiking. Some Q's about proper fit & technique(2 posts)

New to roadbiking. Some Q's about proper fit & techniqueGerbila
Sep 7, 2003 5:27 PM
I am a mtn biker getting started w/ my first road bike. I took all my measurements at and ordered my bike according to them. This worked well when I built my mtn bike so I trusted their fit suggestions. WS recommended an overall reach of 66.2 cm. My bike as built has a 67 cm reach. Does this 0.8 cm make much of a difference? All I know is that when riding w/ my hands on top of the brake hoods, I feel stretched out and uncomfortable. My hands are comfortable on parts of the bar that the stem connects to (ie perpendicular to stem) and also the part right in front of that where it starts to curve downward. This position I suppose is very similar to the one on my mtn bike w/ my hands on the bar ends. Also I feel okay when riding in the drops, w/ my back horizontal. It's just those dang brake hoods. My question is, does my discomfort w/ hands on the hoods signify bad fit? Like I said I am stretched out < 1cm than I should be. But if I had my druthers I would put those hoods right in front of the perpendicular part of the bar. Of course this would mean my reach would be like 4 or so cm less than recommended once a new stem was used. So that doesn't seem to make sense. When you guys are riding, do you have your hands on the hoods w/ fingers on the levers, or do you use that part of the bar before the hoods and just wrap your index and middle fingers around the hoods? Maybe I am just not used to this new position, but like I said I am fine in the drops so it doesn't seem to be an issue of flexibility. I hope I've explained my problem clearly and would appreciate any advice from you fit gurus out there (which there seem to be many of here). Thanks in advance.
Rules of Thumbbimini
Sep 8, 2003 4:33 AM
It could be your not use to it or it may be bad fit. The 0.8 cm is not significant, if you do have a fit problem with reach you are dealing with more than that.

Either way you may want to get shorter stem. If it is that your not use to it, you can adapt and then go back to the longer stem. You may want to check to see if a shorter stem is available.

Couple of rules of thumb. Your arms should be about 90 degrees to your back when you are on the hoods with a slight bend in the elbows. The handle bars should also be blocking your view of the front hub.

I have a similar problem when riding a straight bar bike (they just don't feel right and my hands go numb)but can ride all day on a road bike.