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Continuing my FRED trend and going to a flat bar(6 posts)

Continuing my FRED trend and going to a flat barMr Nick
Sep 6, 2003 1:30 PM
Today, just for fun I put an old flat bar with bar-ends on my road bike. I left the road bars and levers resting on the tire and spun for awhile on my trainer. I was really suprised at how much less fatigued my hands and wrists felt. I am especially suprised because when I had mentioned this idea a month ago, everyone told me I was crazy, but it seems really nice. For me it seems like it would be really nice for the high traffic areas I ride in.

With that said I wondered if anybody knows what mtb bike shifters and break levers I can use with Ultegra components. I was thinking of using XT STI lever and break combos since they would take the least amount of room but I don't know if the v-brake levers will work with cantilever brakes.

Thanks for your help.
re: Continuing my FRED trend and going to a flat barlancezneighbor
Sep 6, 2003 6:53 PM
I have a Marin Highway one flat bar bike that I LOVE! It has Ultegra with Shimano SL-R440 Shifters. They are Shimano's lever specifically for flat bars. I still like road bars but I don't like being bent over so far. I wish there were more "high end" bikes with a more upright seating position. The Highway One from Marin:
How does your stem length compare with a flat bar?Mr Nick
Sep 6, 2003 11:51 PM
I am wondering if I should get a little longer stem since the flat bar is so much farther back then were the hoods are on my road bars. Do you have any opinion on stem length when you switch from road to flat bar?

How does your stem length compare with a flat bar?lithiapark
Sep 7, 2003 7:05 AM
If you have 1 1/8th inch steer tube you can use a very wide variety of mountain bike stems with move rise angles to choose from than with road bike stems. There are also a couple of companies making adjustable stems for MTB so you could experiment a lot. Mountain bike levers have a little more cable pull than road brake levers so the grip required may be a little greater, but they are in a better position for your hand so it shouldn't be an issue. Shimano trigger shifters work with road derailleurs, I use SRAM twist grip shifters made for shimano indexing and they work well, the left shifter has 9 positions so you can trim a double or a triple easily.
Whatever floats you boat-filtersweep
Sep 7, 2003 10:42 AM
Frankly, I find that flat bars (on my other bike) are the most uncomfortable things ever- I end up with wrist pain and all sorts of nerve issues from bumps that are transferred right into my hands. I'm sure this isn't an issue on a trainer, but get out on the road and you may find you have a different opinion.
How much riding in the real world will you do on this?The Walrus
Sep 7, 2003 12:09 PM
I did the flat bar thing on a couple of 'cross bikes, and even with a significantly longer stem (going from 110 to 135) it felt cramped. It made for a great "fun bike" that I could ride on errands or for commuting, but anything more than a couple of hours would kill my back. If you keep the flat bar set-up, definitely retain the bar ends; the extra reach and different hand position will help a lot. I'd also second lithiapark's recommendation on the twist shifters; I was running GripShift X-Rays with a 105 front/XT rear, and it worked beautifully.