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Talon SL vs Cervelo Soloist(5 posts)

Talon SL vs Cervelo Soloistweiwentg
Sep 6, 2003 8:50 AM
if, HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, I were to relegate my TCR to crit use with somewhat crappy components, and were to build up a new bike, which would you get? I'm looking for a balance of aero and light. mostly be using this for road races, with some TTs, duathlons, and low-destruction criteriums.
the Talon: is carbon. has a nice steep seat angle (I sit pretty far forward, so the 75 degree angle in the 48cm size would be just about right). have a friend who loves hers. Talons SL frameset is likely lighter than the Soloist. but, Kestrels aren't that popular. doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it could. also, I somehow don't think it's as aero as the Soloist.
the Soloist: definitely aero. however, I would prefer to actually test one in person; the 73.5 degree STA is too slack for me, and I would prefer to ride in the 76 degree angle with the seat slightly back (ie, about a 75 degree effective STA). might be heavier than the Kestrel (no one ever gave a frame weight). Cervelo has been very slow in getting their carbon posts out. more worringly, the owner of the local Cervelo dealer advised me against it, saying that in the road position, he found that the bike was occasionally unstable - he nearly went over his bars due to wheel flop once, it seems. he did say that as a triathlon bike, it was fine, so perhaps my tendency to sit very far forward may be an advantage. I'm going to test ride his bike some time; he rides the 51cm (that's center to air, ie a virtual 51), and I believe that that's my size. otoh, if I get that Cervelo, the dealer is about 45 minutes' drive away. I don't think Kestrel has any dealers that are local to me. probably would get the Kestrel from Bicycle Doctor in Indiana.
thoughts? any other bikes to consider?
arent you injuredishmael
Sep 6, 2003 10:25 AM
spend the money on a new saxaphone
I've seen several photos of broken TalonspedalAZ
Sep 6, 2003 4:56 PM
one, just from dropping it while removing it from the roof rack. Something to consider.
This could help you decide.rengaracchi
Sep 7, 2003 3:53 PM
You might have read their review of several Cervelo bikes, but if you haven't, I think they give you a good insight to the bikes.
thanks, butweiwentg
Sep 7, 2003 4:02 PM
I have read their Cervelo reviews. and the person who told me that he thought the Soloist was unstable was from that shop. at least I know that guy is giving me the straight dope.
Ish, you doofus, of course I'm injured! why else do you think I'd look at a new bike? :)