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Century advice ,food rest etc(5 posts)

Century advice ,food rest etcpukka
Sep 5, 2003 3:51 PM
about to do my 1st century next weekend,
iride to work eveyday about 20 miles and do about 4hours each weekend should i ease off ride as normal ride saturday rest saturday(ride is sunday)
what sould i eat night before ,should i eat big before or eat at the rest stops. i was thinking of not stopping at all the rest stpos some time i feel like i get stiffer and feel worse by rting
Some eating thoughtsKerry Irons
Sep 5, 2003 5:39 PM
So, if you do an 18 mph average speed 100 mile ride with some hills and some wind, you're looking at around 3200 calories burned (same effort as 20 mph on flat ground). You can assume around 500 calories in your stomach from a good breakfast, 1000 calories in stored muscle glycogen, and 200 calories per hour of exercise of fat metabolism. That's not quite enough calories to finish 100 miles with your tank totally empty. You NEVER want to go there. On a typical 110 mile ride, I eat/drink about 1500 calories and that is about right as long as I stay well hydrated. IOW I burn most of the calories I started with in my stomach and what I eat, get 1200 calories from fat, and don't deplete muscle glycogen by a lot (you need that to be able to exercise!). Fred Matheny recommends consuming 300 calories per hour during distance events, and the current recommendation is that it should be 25% protein. This means you're getting about 40% of your caloric needs from eating, and the rest from fat metabolism, stored muscle/liver glycogen, and what was in your gut when you started the ride. YMMV, but not by all that much.

Coke (or something with caffeine) is much better than Kool-Aide at your breaks, which means stopping at gas stations rather than the aid stations provided by the ride. Fig Newtons or something similar provides easy to chew calories, but if you like to fight with your food, by all means use Power Bars! And, for a bail out feeding, something like a 3 Musketeers bar (250 calories, 25% fat) will give you an amazing kick while you're waiting for something more substantial to digest. Much of the end of ride fatigue people feel in centuries is due to under feeding and/or dehydration, so eat and drink well and continuously (right from the start). Hope this helps
Some eating thoughtsRealMatureGuy
Sep 5, 2003 5:54 PM
You should be fine with minimal calories, if your fat metabolism has been built up by depletion-type rides. Be careful of hydration bonk, though, as there's no real way to recover.

I did a 77-mile "depletion" ride on Monday, meaning, no food or liquid supplement (H20 only). I felt fine until mile 45, first sign of calorie bonk, and took a gu in. This made me really go loopy, as I assume my body was in fat metabolism mode, and got a big rush of carbs.

I made it in just fine, as it was a low-pace ride (avg 16.6 on flat terrain).

I'm going to do a rolling century this weekend with two climbs near the end. I plan on taking in 200 calories every 30 miles beginning at mile 40, and beating the bonk. I expect to average 17 plus.
Some eating thoughtsdaCaT_
Sep 6, 2003 5:39 AM
I did a century two weeks ago (ive got one tomorrow too) and i burned 6100 calories. Im 6'3" and 180# so larger riders burn more and need to plan differently. This is also at altitude.

I used a scoop of accelerade in a 24oz bottle and drank one every hour and ate 1 to 1.5 clif bars every 30 miles.
re: Century advice ,food rest etcBacco
Sep 5, 2003 6:14 PM
I did my first century last weekend in 90+ degree heat, high humidity, and rolling hills. I made sure to drink lots of Gatorade throughout the ride to keep hydrated. I spent little time at the rest stops. At each rest stop I used the facilities and quickly ate a Cliff Bar, banana and orange. I would like to have had a Coke or candy bar for the last 20 miles, but couldn't find one. I did fine. You will do great on your century. Enjoy!