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shimano and campy . . . NOT a shimano VS. campy ques(5 posts)

shimano and campy . . . NOT a shimano VS. campy quesbm
Sep 5, 2003 8:20 AM
(I've asked a few people this, and i'm not sure i believe them)

is shimano compatible with campy?

I KNOW you can't use a shimano STI with a campy derailer, and I KNOW you can't mix 9 speed and 10 speed.

but, let's say, you have a campy setup and want to use a shimano cassette? . . . or how about a campy chain on a shimano setup - are shimano and campy gear teeth similar?

how does this relate to other companies, like truvativ and ritchey . . . can i use a truvativ elita crankset with a campy rear setup?
Believe ME...Andy M-S
Sep 5, 2003 8:59 AM
You can mix things...carefully.

I'm using an Ultegra 9s drivetrain--except for the crank, which is a Stronglight Speedlight--and Campy Centaur 10s Ergos. It shifts wonderfully.

The Ergos work because of the cable routing I have on the Ultegra RD (see:

I don't think you'll have any trouble mixing chains, cranks, etc...from what I've heard, the Shimano 9s chain works better on Campy 9s systems than the Campy chain...and cranks are just going to work.
re: shimano and campy . . . NOT a shimano VS. campy quesMShaw
Sep 5, 2003 10:00 AM
Actually, you can run 10sp Ergos and rear derailleur on a Shimano 9sp drivetrain. I did it for a friend while I was rebuilding his Campy 10sp rear wheel. Worked fine.

The reverse may not be true. I couldn't get the Shimano 9sp to shift the 10sp very well. Course I may not have gotten the voodoo chant right either.

That help?

yesvenga venga venga
Sep 5, 2003 11:21 AM
i used to use a rear zipp 303 with a dura ace cassette with record 10. worked fine, all the time, just make sure you don't shift into the 10th position. others have suggested to adust the shifter's 10th position to the 9sp cassette's 9th position to prevent your der. from going into the spokes. i used this setup with a wipperman 10 sp and a record 10 sp chain.
ok . . . thanks . . .bm
Sep 5, 2003 9:38 PM
ok . . . so some campy works with shimano. now, to complicate my original question . . .

i don't think campy makes indexed bar-end shifters. but i'm thinking of building a TT bike with campy and bar-end shifters. can i use the ultegra/dura bar-end shifters with a campy rear derail? or is this something i might have to find out myself?

thanks again.