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Poprad disaster!!(6 posts)

Poprad disaster!!hirevR
Sep 5, 2003 2:16 AM
I was exchanging water bottle cages last night on my commuter (A lemond poprad) and the lower riv nut on the down tube broke loose while the bolt was about half way out. Like I said I commute and that is where the battery bottle goes so I thought "It can't be hard to get out" Screw that!!!! I ended up smacking the thing into the downtube with a smal hammer and I experienced "I royally screwed up my bike shock!!!" Now I have a hole in my downtube! My impatience finally got the better of me and now I am afraid I have destroyed my bike's structural integrity for good. I put electrical tape around the hole and fitted the new cage with the remaining bolt and green and blue zip ties (to match the world champ stripes of course:). Are there any remedies for this situation? This might be the dumbest thing ever done while exchangin asimple cage!! Anyway, now I have to ride to work. Cya.
Disaster UpdatehirevR
Sep 5, 2003 3:49 AM
I rode in today and everything felt okay. I guess it's not in a structurally weak area of the bike which makes it seem a little better in my mind. On my way into work I was thinking about getting it MIG-welded---what about bondo? Thanks again. The whole for reference sake is the size of the riv nut (there may be a smal dent around it from the hammer too :(,
Duct tape, eh! Real commuter solution. nmSpunout
Sep 5, 2003 4:41 AM
Try J.B. Weld. (nm)Turtleherder
Sep 5, 2003 6:03 AM
Try J.B. Weld. (nm)hirevR
Sep 5, 2003 7:20 AM
Thanks! I am going to try to use the Water weld used to plug holes!
Looks like it'll do the trick.
re: Poprad disaster!!blownpupil
Sep 5, 2003 6:48 AM
It'll be ok.
However, I own a 57cm Poprad (2001) which I've considered selling (frame or whole bike). Good shape but a few paint chips.