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If anybody is thinking about purchasing a power meter....(5 posts)

If anybody is thinking about purchasing a power meter....abicirider
Sep 4, 2003 1:47 PM
You may want to check out the latest edition of Velo news they have a pretty good and indepth review on Power Tap, Ergomo, Polar and SRM. Bottom line the review says each have there weakness and benefits and really none is completley surperior over the other also an article on Ten reasons to use a power meter.
Just wanted to pass thiseview and readings along.
Be sfae out on the Roads!!!!!
Ray Still
Thanks!Humma Hah
Sep 4, 2003 1:54 PM
Toys like that facinate me. I've looked at Power Tap and SRM.
I even get a kick out of saying "Ergomo"...Akirasho
Sep 4, 2003 2:21 PM
... I've got a Polar S710i... but virtually every review of the product's power meter balance out it's accuracy against it's less than user friendly setup and maintenance... the Ergomo seemed perfect... except for the price!

Be the bike.
SRM is unbeatable and lasts forever "nm"CARBON110
Sep 4, 2003 2:56 PM
I was impressed ...Humma Hah
Sep 4, 2003 3:02 PM
... being a BB-mounted unit, it could be used with the cruiser or on my other narrow-dropout bikes with 36-spoke wheels. The Power Tap hub was not available 120 mm and 36-spoke, if I recall.

Not cheap, tho'!

I want the company to buy me one so we can investigate coupling it to our "GuideStar" computer, an aircraft product that I think would make the ultimate cyclecomputer.