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Need help on research...(6 posts)

Need help on research...BC
Sep 4, 2003 1:16 PM
I have to write a research paper for my senior high school english class approximately 5 pages long. It can be on anything,but I wanted to write about something to do with cycling or health/nutrition. I can't come up with anything.

Got any ideas? Anything would help.

Thanks in advance
Health and Nutrtion is my field...Mr Nick
Sep 4, 2003 1:29 PM
I would suggest writing a paper about ergogenic aids and there use by professional cyclists. Find out what ergogenic aids are banned by the race committee and if there has been any scandels with cyclists taking the aids. In case you don't know, ergogenic aids are substances that enhance performance, such as ephidrine or steroids. It is a pretty big deal in most sports, so it might be interesting to see how cycling is dealing with it.
Sep 4, 2003 2:25 PM
I have some and was wondering, is there a minimum distance where it's worthwhile.

Same for Cytomax or water. Thanks.
acceleradeMr Nick
Sep 4, 2003 2:54 PM
I was not familiar with these exact products, but I just took a look at them online. I would need more time to see if there are any studies that have been done on these products to make an absolutely informed statement, but I can tell you about most energy drinks and supplements that are on the market. They are not worth the money. First off, most of these products call themselves supplements. This is because supplements have no regulated quality controls. Also they can make claims that are unsubstantiated by science. This is because of an unfortunate law that passed in 1994. Usually the products do this on purpose because they know that there is no science to back up there claims. Even when they do say there is scientific research, it is rarely in a peer reviewed journal.
The second thing to remember about energy drinks, and energy food is that there is only one source of energy that the cell utilizes and that is ATP. ATP is created in the Kreb Cycle using ADP and usually glucose. So since glucose is the primary energy source of the whole body then glucose is what you need to keep your strength. How you ingest your glucose is up to you. You can eat pasta the night before, you could eat a Twinkie on the ride or you can buy expensive energy gel. Bottom line is that you can do a lot of things to get food energy besides eating or drinking expensive products that claim to do things better.
Sep 4, 2003 3:01 PM
and thanks for the note on the SPD-R pedals. I checked and my cleat had gotten twisted off line. slightly inward which is why I had trouble clicking in. that'll do it.

Reading my first UK mag on cycling. Reading about bits and bums (short and bib related of course.)
That's a little simplistic ...Steve Young
Sep 5, 2003 12:12 PM
You can take your glucose in different forms. Simple glucose taken as a monomer will give a very rapid rise in blood sugar level and may provide you with some emergency energy towards the end of a long ride. However, taking it the night before will have little benefit and taking it at the beginning of a ride is likely to be detrimental. The rapid rise in blood sugar induced by the ingestion of "simple" sugars will stimulate insulin release which results in rapid uptake of the glucose from the blood and tends to result in overcompensation i.e. eat glucose, blood sugar up, induce insulin, blood sugar down (too far). No benefit to consumer.

Pasta consumption the night before is a good idea but the sugars in pasta (and rice etc) are complex polymers which don't have the same kinetic profile with respect to insulin secretion. Eating pasta the night before is certainly not a bad idea and is probably beneficial in many circumstances.

My opinion is that the previous poster was overly dismissive of the value of drinks such as accelerade. They do have significant value for the cyclist on a longer run (> a couple of hours).

Consumption of hypotonic drinks is a good idea as it aids maintenance of appropriate hydration. (I'm one of those people who believes in hypotonic over isotonic). Accelerate and one or two other supplements have protein content which is a very good idea for cyclists on long rides - cycling tends to be very catabolic (i.e. you consume muscle mass on long rides) and the presence of a dietary protein supplement during the ride might reasonably be expected to reduce this muscle loss.

There's a lot more to it that this even but I don't have time to write any more (I'm supposed to be working!)

However let me summarise:-

Ergogenic aids is a great subject for a project (you can see that there might be different viewpoints ..) Caffeine is an interesting compound to include in a discussion of such substances ...

Supplement drinks are certainly expensive. It's up to the individual to decide whether they are worthwhile but I think it's fair to say that (cost and taste aside) they do offer an advantage to the cyclist if used appropriately.

Eating simple sugars is a bad idea (in many ways).