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Carbon fiber frame / fork lifespan?(2 posts)

Carbon fiber frame / fork lifespan?spacetrucking
Sep 4, 2003 6:43 AM
A friend is serious about buying my road bike. It's an '92 TVT92 French carbon fiber and alu lug type frame with a fork from the same manufacturer, all in blue finish. ( I think they are now defunct or part of Look )I bought it used from an aquaintance a couple years ago and am willing to part with it for less than half payed as I no longer use it. The previous owner did not abuse it nor does it have much mileage nor has it been crashed. It has a dura-ace gruppo and tube tires, shifting on the frame, mavic rims. The top tube does have 2 to 3 gel coat flakes quarter size exposing the black carbon fiber underneath, but seems cosmetic only and are not close to the lugs. I have put some small stickers over to stop the flaking. I have discussed with my friend the fragility of this type of frame and he seems willing to sccept the risk, but I still want to glean as much info. as I can before letting to bike go for sure, especially the fork. ( I know someone who had a steel fork break apart under him )
The bonded lugs seem fine with no cracks, loosness / powdering or chipping / gouges at all and the fork seems solid. I know that a visual alone cannot tell all but I would not want my friend to get injured on account of this. BTW the guy that sold it to me was not worried at all about the bikes integrity. Please help if you have any knowlege on this kind of construction or make.
no way to know for suregtx
Sep 4, 2003 9:20 AM
If you're friend doesn't weigh too much, doesn't plan to ride it much and you're gonna let it go for a few hundred bucks I'd say it's probably fine. If your friend is a big guy who's gonna hammer the heck out of it, do a bunch of madman descending on rough roads and you're looking to get more than say $300-400 I'd say your friend should keep looking. Personally you couldn't pay me to ride it but I'm paranoid. Not a big fan of bonded stuff (especially French bonded stuff) from that era.