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Sep 4, 2003 6:10 AM
Hey, don't you live in Asheville and didn't you used to live in Vermont? I've lived in Vermont and have thought about returning. I've also considered moving to the Asheville area. Could you please contrast the two and share with me any thoughts you have about the two areas? What do you like about them? Dislike about them? How is the riding in one, as compared to the other? What's the weather like in NC, compared to VT?

Be pleasure ! Vermont.......CARBON110
Sep 4, 2003 11:11 AM
I rent a house in Asheville and I own a house in Vermont. I know both equally well at this point. Here is the low down and Im flattered you asked since I know you are such a resourcfull person to begin with.

Vermont: Here is Vermont in a nutshell for 2003. Politics are good and taxes for single family home owners are going down. If your primary resideance is in VT then your taxes will be less expensive then the past 3 years. However an average property tax for Middle VT is about 3k a year for 2 achers (sp?) and a house between 160-225K. Vermont is expensive to live in. You must drive to get everything and gas goes up fast! Employment isnt well payed for cost of living. The towns are small and everyone knows everybody and most people are very friendly between April and November. From Montpelier the Capitol to Burlington its expensive to buy a house and prices will not come down for a long time. However, you can find the occassional forced sale for a deal. Winter is brutal. It starts in OCT. somtimes and goes till May. Its not unusual for Jan. to have 30 days straight of -0 weather. But its BEAUTIFUL! You must have a woodstove since gas heat alone is to expensive for anyone to rely soely on. Both is recommended and Im sure you have no problem stacking wood. 4 Cords per season is good and will save you money.
There are specialists in every kind of food or activity and you can find a good social atmospher if you look in the right places. Politically its a good place now and is very forward thinking and open minded but its not uncommon to be surprised by locals protesting something silly. Its very small town everywhere. But it has alot of amenities for anything you need and service for everything from a tow truck in the dead of night to somone fixing your powerlines after a tree fell on them is fast and tip top. Buying a House North of Montpelier in say Calais or anywhere in the North East of Vermont is still cheap and very small town. But not alot of night life. Traffic in Burlington is hell and the area surronding it is over populated especially when UVM is in session. UVM is a very good school for Grad classes or to get back into school.
Riding is pretty good. The roads are very rugh due to the winter and there is a fair amount of group rides. not alot of women ride there but the ones who do are very good cyclists and very friendly. It can get boring if you ride more then 4-5k a year since the routes are not as diverse. but there is plenty of hard hills and flat gorgouse roads. Mtn biking is good but you have to drive most cases however there is a great Mtn biking club called Catamount and its WELL done! Winter, X-country sking and down hill skiing takes over biking with the exception of some chilly moon lit mtn bike rides on snowmobile routes. Education is fair to good for public shools. lake Champlain is absolutlry amazing and swimmable in 90% places on Vermonts size. The summers are not better anywhere in the world then in Vermont in August. Last year during the Green Mtn Stage Race the second Sept 1 st I think, it was 55 and raining. By the next day it was 78 at 11 am. They say if you dont like the weather in Vermont, wait ten minutes and it will change
Sep 4, 2003 11:45 AM
Asheville is a pitree dish (sp?) in the south east. It has unusual tolerance of everything. I have not witnessed any descrimination here. Living outside of the city by say 20 minutes is considered a "long way" but thats like going to the store for picking up groceries in Vermont. But you really dont lose anything by living outside the city here as long as you dont mind the drive. Its worth while too. I live downtown and you can get a house that is bigger for half the money 20 minutes outside the city then 10 minutes closer. It doesnt take more then 10 minutes to get anywhere from one end to another anyway. Food and gas are cheap. There is more crime here and Im still not sure of how the politics are run. For instance the Police Department for the city has not hired any officers in 17 years. And it shows. In Vermont everyone does the speed limit and its like a police state there. I like that, since its safe. Here its literally like the wild west for drivers. There are more cyclists here and its better organised for sure. We have a velodrome and you can get into a group ride everynight of the week almost. Mtn biking cant be beat and there are more routes on the road then you can shake a stick at. There are tons of rentals so take your choice and your never more then 15 minutes from a national park where the trails are well taken care of. Mt. Mitchell is only a 2 hour road ride up and 90 minute decent going slow. Employment is just as tough as Vermont, but it costs less then half to rent a house here. However according to NC state stats Asheville si the second most expensive place to live. Paying $1600 a month in Vermont is usual for a house. I pay $900 here downtown and people tell me thats high. You can always find ana partment in Vermont and Asheville. Prices are going up but you will see them drop in a year or two since regardless of the statistics houses just are not selling as fast as people think. There are alot of women cyclists here and all bikers are friendly. There are enough people here so that you meet new people all the time on your bike. You can ride year round even in Jan. The mtns keep out most of the bad weather. Roads are very good and its easy to get around without getting lost. Traffic isnt bad but a little hairy since roads are small in alot of places. The ocean is 4 hours away. I dont think education is as good here and I liked high school in Vermont but it can be tough since schools are small. But you know more about whats going on with your kids. In Asheville its more diverse culturally but there is more trouble to be found in some areas.

Both places have:
DSL or Cable
A large Bike club
More then adequate shops for everything
A moderate social atmosphere...but again you can meet people from all walks of life.

You will be satisfied in both places for riding but NC you can do it easily all year. Vermont has charisma and the Lake that NC doesnt have. The mtns in NC are bigger but not by to much. The parkway is outstanding and Vermont doesnt have anything like it. For sure though Vermont has plenty of great riding. Its hard living in Vermont due to the quick seasonal changes but I have not found a better place to raise a family. NC has many appealing aspects too. Cost, houses are bigger since the weather never goes below 35, More sun then VT by ALOT, and more diversity. The cirt is still growing and is only about 85k large. So there is alot fo empty business palces and such. but plenty of everything you need. More and more people are traveling to both places so it can only get bigger. There really sint a water source here like Vermont has in the summer though. Both places have plenty of post-high school University choices.

I tried to cover alot in a little space so go ahead and shoot off some specific questions and Im happy to answer them as best I can with vivid descriptions so you can get a taste. I plan on being in Asheville fo at least June 1 st of 2004. I am going to visit SF and
Sep 4, 2003 11:49 AM
I dont want to be to rash about leaving Asheville. I am far from being unhappy here!