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Estimated weight of Open Pro with Ultegra hubs(5 posts)

Estimated weight of Open Pro with Ultegra hubstxcross
Sep 4, 2003 5:25 AM
Hello all, I am not a weight weany but am curious if anyone out there has an estimated weight for a set of Open Pros, Ultegra hubs and 14/15/14 spokes.
Real world actual...TFerguson
Sep 4, 2003 6:10 AM
Both are built 3x with 14/15/14 DT and brass nipples, OP CD rims, lubed, taped (Velox), with skewers.

Front with magnet= 894 gr

Rear= 1114 gr

check this web sitetarwheel
Sep 4, 2003 7:14 AM

I couldn't find a listing for Open Pros with Ultegra hubs, but you might be able to figure out from listings of separate components. They also have a forum on the site and you could probably get an answer there pretty easily.
and this onegf99
Sep 4, 2003 7:54 AM

The bike and wheel builder tools are fun to play with and add up the individual component weights for you.

Beware the urge to buy that will come over you though. :)
approx. 1800g w/o skewers and brass nipples....DaveLobster
Sep 4, 2003 11:26 AM
I'll weigh a pair when I get home. My friend bought a pair from Performance and abandoned them in my garage when he changed over to Campy.

I build wheels and have weighed a lot of hubs, spokes and rims. The Ultegra hubs weigh 136g(f)/346g(r). The OP rims weigh right in at 424g. 32 14/15 db spokes are 200g, and 32 brass nipples are 30g.

I always quote weights without skewers because virtually all of the pre-built wheels are quoted that way, and then you are comparing apples and apples. Plus, you can get a 65g set of bolt-on skewers for $9 or 90g Ti skewers for $15 if you are so inclined. -Dave