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Philippe WINS !(5 posts)

Philippe WINS !LeadvilleBlues
Sep 3, 2003 8:53 AM
An open letter to the forum in praise of Philippe and his help to a total stranger. A summer trip to France was the dream come true of a lifetime. Before leaving I was able to find and meet Philippe via the postings here. He answered my questions and then some, providing me with detailed maps and photographs regarding rides in Provence. A VERY time consuming effort to say the least, all of this for someone he'd never met, simply another rider from a road 1/2 way around the world. We met in Paris upon my arrival (he on one side of the road of the Arc de Triomphe, myself on the other ! ) Once this was corrected it was onto a cup of coffee and more travel tips from P.C. He even gave me his copy of a Michelin map of Provence for my journey (sorry I kept it so long my friend, another bag of Hawaiian Coffee will be in the mail soon ) In short, a wonderful stroke of luck on my part to hook up with him, a pleasure to spend a brief moment with a son of Paris. Thanks again Philippe for putting me on track with my first visit to France. Hope your racing season went well. Sorry I missed a day in the Pyrenees with you on the 16th July. But you would have kick my ass ! I did whip myself into some sort of shape before leaving France, and won my age group (50-59) in the sea level to 10,000 ft. hill climb here. If you ever make it to Maui, I'll be happy to be a tour guide. Stay in touch.

Secret Agent???ms
Sep 3, 2003 10:59 AM
I second your praise of and gratitude to Philippe. Here is my story: Mike P "Just back from France . . ." 7/23/03 4:17am

Prior to my going to France, my wife could not believe all the assistance that I was receiving from some person that I never had met except via the internet. Perhaps Philippe was a crazed axe murderer she said. Given that she usually is the trusting person and I am the suspicious one, that was saying something. My comments about the fraternity of cyclists allayed her fears somewhat, but she still was suspicious. Now that I have returned home safely, cannot talk stop talking about how wonderful my trip was and am scheming to go to the Tour and the Etape next year, my wife has decided that Philippe is a secret agent of the French Ministry of Tourism or the French Ministry of Culture. In any event, Philippe is a great guy, a great asset on this board and great credit to both the United States and France.
Sep 3, 2003 1:48 PM
I have to say he is worthy of all the praise and more. He was juggling enough people and even though I couln't make the rides or events he tried to hook me up with he still found me in my travels, offering more help or chances at unique events.
Stage 15 Luz-Ardidenteoteoteo
Sep 3, 2003 5:57 PM
After a nice bike ride from Lourdes I cleaned up and put on some dry clothes and then Phillipe rolled up just past the village of Grust. I would have liked to roll to the top with him but I had to stick with the van--lucky for me I didn't have to drive it back.
and thank you...philippec
Sep 4, 2003 12:32 AM
for that fine coffee. It used to be that MHR intervals were something painful that I only occasionally did. Now, every time I have a cup of coffee, my heartrate zooms to 195 and no pain! (No, if I can only get rid of the shakes and blurred vision!)

Oh, I also ran into a friend of yours on the Etape -- Dan C., from "Go Cycling Maui" -- we ended up doing a good bit of the "flat" part of the course together between the last col and Bayonne. He was good company and amazingly zen about his cracked CF seatpost -- "It's like having a suspended bike".

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay -- (wasn't Simiane something else?) -- did you manage to get some honey?

In any case, Scott, MS and Teo -- it was a real pleasure meeting and helping you out and I look forward to seeing you guys next time you get round here.