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0 for August? I don’t think so. Ride Report.(31 posts)

0 for August? I don’t think so. Ride Report.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 5:57 PM
I figure it was probably 1969 since I had gone a whole month without riding a bike.

This July 25th I got hit by a car and cracked my kneecap. After 4 weeks of wearing a brace to keep my leg immobile I was given a flexible kneecap support to wear. 2 therapy sessions stretching the leg and pedaling an exercycle and I was ready for the road.

Sunday August 30 Miss M rode up to Hancock where I was going to meet her somewhere on the Western Maryland Rail Trail (a nice flat ride for me, a nice century for her).
My meticulous preparation.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:01 PM
When it has been a while since you have ridden pre-ride nutrition is important.
My meticulous preparation.flying
Sep 2, 2003 11:30 PM
Hey nice shirt !!
It is almost like a Primo Beer shirt ;-)

Glad to have you back among the mobile
My faithful steed.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:06 PM
Somewhere back in the early 90's I got this custom GT Zaskar LE. I haven't been riding it much the last few years. Set up with street slicks, clips and straps, a nice gear range, suspension and a comfy riding position it made the perfect rehab bike.
What, no fenders? :-)CHRoadie
Sep 3, 2003 6:57 AM
Glad to see you back on your bike!
Mile one for August.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:10 PM
My friends, you are looking at one happy rider. Notice how I carefully dressed to avoid looking like a poseur.
You, sir, are the Anti-Poseur! Welcome back!The Walrus
Sep 2, 2003 7:11 PM
i this
is the perfect way to follow Labor Day--the first true MB1 ride report, however brief, in ages. Great to see you back in the saddle, so to speak.
The knee.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:14 PM
The brace supports my kneecap and just flexes enough to allow me to ride. I was hoping to be able to ride at least 2 miles but I ended up feeling great and rode 15 or so.
He's baaaaaacccckkk!KG 361
Sep 2, 2003 6:19 PM
Glad to see that you're on the mend. We'll forgive the helmet-less ride. =)
Thats great that your riding again, good luckrubendc19
Sep 2, 2003 6:21 PM
Thats great that your riding again, good luck nmrubendc19
Sep 2, 2003 6:29 PM
Oh deer me.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:22 PM
I was riding fairly early in the day and saw a lot more deer than people. In the city deer are just another varmit but out here in the country it is nice to see them.

"Where is my shotgun?"
Shotgun for deer? Why not just a bat? Welcome back! nmPdxMark
Sep 2, 2003 6:38 PM
Fresh meat!Humma Hah
Sep 3, 2003 6:53 AM
I saw one Monday on the W&OD, and one last Friday out here at Vint Hill. Both of 'em just stood there maybe 30 feet away on the bike trail and stared at me like I was trespassing or something.

Sounds like somebody here actually got less miles in August than I did. I was not sure that was possible.

Welcome back!
Who ‘dat?MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:27 PM
Just after I turned around at 5 miles what did I see but Miss M coming up the trail.

;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) !!!
Haven’t seen this for way too long.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:33 PM
She misses riding with me just about as much as I miss riding with her.

We should do this more often-how about tomorrow?
The reward.MB1
Sep 2, 2003 6:38 PM
After the ride we stopped at the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown for a nice leisurely lunch. We made a meal of several appetizers.

Boy I have missed this. Icing down the knee for a half hour before and after the ride is a small price to pay for all that fun.
I like this pic a lotishmael
Sep 2, 2003 6:47 PM
I feel like I'm there and it's a nice place to be
Soo glad you're back on the bike MB1....rwbadley
Sep 2, 2003 7:08 PM
I love this photo.

What a perfect meal. Soup, salad, wonderful bread and an Ayinger Weizen bier. Man, you sure know how to enjoy life!!!

Congrats and hope you have full recovery soon!

If you havent picked up Celebrator Doppelbock...collinsc
Sep 2, 2003 8:13 PM
well, you should.
Glad to see you back on the bike :-) nmbiknben
Sep 3, 2003 5:44 AM
The reward.aliensporebomb
Sep 4, 2003 3:04 AM
Very nicely done pics....

Nice Zaskar too - cool color. Glad to hear you're riding

Have they said anything about the potential for riding longer
distances or have they recommended against it?
Just have to carefully build up strength in my leg.MB1
Sep 4, 2003 3:59 AM
The knee cap has healed fine but being immobile for a month has really weakened my leg. Miss M is making sure I don't over do anything.
Best ride report ever. Thanks for sharing that one. nmsn69
Sep 2, 2003 8:21 PM
Welcome back, MB1. Thanks for sharing the ride! nmMike P
Sep 3, 2003 4:04 AM
Way go Mark, good to seeScot_Gore
Sep 3, 2003 4:10 AM
I remember when you thought 100 miles was a short ride :)

Now you're going 15 : )

Just when I only had 4800 miles moreto pass your yearly totalbigrider
Sep 3, 2003 4:53 AM
Welcome back. Work that knee so that you can get back on the fixed gear too.
This is the only month I rode more than you did!orange_julius
Sep 3, 2003 5:49 AM
I guess this is the only month that I rode more than
you did!

Good to see your ride reports again, always something
to cheer up the mornings when it's rainy! Cheers.
It's been TOO long since I've gotten to read one of these!gregg
Sep 3, 2003 8:27 AM
Glad to see you back in the saddle, MB1!

Back at the top again!

Now that you are mobile again and back on the bike ---gray8110
Sep 3, 2003 11:41 AM
Can I have your TV??
re: 0 for August? I don’t think so. Ride Report.dave_w
Sep 3, 2003 11:49 AM
Welcome back, and thanks for sharing your joy. I really needed it after the angst of the very personal fatality report above. Looking forward to some new picturesque ride reports.